Lovers meeting once in n0byland


Long ago, when n0by group gathering was still young, there have been lovers once. One of our most adored females in n0byland was Laleela, who moaned in her e-mails: ''Hey boys, I'm too long alone. I need a lover!''

Thomas, Veet Tom or Sweetee Veetee became her fanatic adorer. Thomas does anything for her love. I have tried two years ago, to peace Laleela's  mind with a heart melting story:. ''Gorgeous Gender Games with Laleela in Lala-Land''.

That I don't have more to give to her than a simple story, Laleela felt so deep offended, that she has deleted all her love searching mails. Then she left n0byland and never came back. Many of her adorers, Thomas, Hans Amsterdam, Gene Popolala U.S and Ali from Munich went with Laleela in her own  place: ''Cheating place of friends''.

Short time later Laleela deleted this place too, where nobody fulfilled her expectations. But still Laleela teaches better behaviour for beasty boys. Nowadays Laleela writes in a German Group of Chandroji, called ''sannyass-forum''.

This is the last forum of so called sannyassins, where Chandroji, the wise group leader, and Laleela give me the right to write, but Thomas is banned there for the second time.

BTW, in this German Group Laleela calls herself ''Miss Maria Diva''.

Laleela years ago in her place:
''Cheating place of friends''.

Laleela Miss Maria Diva tries hard, to educate satisfying males for her pleasure and expectations. The wise guidance of the Berlin Swami Chandroji helps.

Laleela Miss Maria Diva even wins an old friend from n0byland, Kabir, who writes for Chandroji and Laleela there under the name S. Seika, short: SS.

Only in German unfortunately you can right now collect wisdom and ask for guidance of these mental giants Kabir, Laleela and Chandroji - except Thomas, who is banned there.

My praisings for Chandroji in this Berlin paradise of wisdom are necessary, because in this German group the friendly people announce severe punishment from German tradition.

One hero wants to beat my mouth, break my fingers, send Russian Mafia Killers, and Kabir asks with others, to moderate me, that he and other can write wise words without my critics or mockery.

So please - for my security - can you keep this story of ''lovers in n0byland'' private only in our land of the free? Is this o.k.?

This story opens a new chapter in the n0by Bible and tells about the tribe of bad brother Kain and the tribe of brave brother Abel.

  • The tribe of Kain suffers for karmic sins from poverty and awful jobs. These Kain tribe workers have to shelter the animals in the mountains, loose themselves in adventures like digging deep in the earth for gold or have to find help and food from strangers in the nights.

My praisings for Chandroji
in this Berlin paradise of wisdom
are necessary...

  • The tribe of brave brother Abel lives in beautiful houses with many lovely neighbours. Abel praises the friendliness of his neighbours. They enrich each other with pearls of wise words, they pick from the cultural treasure of tradition. In many ways everyone helps everyone.

The King of the Abel tribe lives in a mountain castle above all of them in unbelievable luxury. This King is the German Chandroji from Berlin and his advisors are famous people like Laleela and Kabir - who left n0byland in deep disgust.

But bad brothers from Kain tribe mock about Abel and his friendly neighbours. ''All time'', they complain, ''all time these fools write the same boring flatteries and quote dead idiots from last centuries! Abel and his neighbours are nothing but dull brain deads. They are like puppets without real experience, like repetitive gramophone records -mechanical minds for ever!''

With ranting attacks bad brother Kain shoots poisonous arrows in the brave hearts of brother Abel Chandroji, Laleela, Kabir and all their closed friends. Brave brother Abel Chandroji listens in the beginning a bit ashamed and feels hurt by these arrows, but he is to wise, to answer foolish people from Kain tribe.

Therefore King Abel Chandroji attracts Holy Men like Kabir or Saint Women like Miss Maria Diva Laleela to bring foolish people back to their senses, and bans hopeless cases like Kain brother Thomas.

But bad people from Kain tribe mock about Laleela as Miss ''Beautyboobs'', who writes wise words like these: ''Let your letters be like fragarance of rose flowers on a warm summer morning. Attract with your sweetness the worthy bees of life, who fertilize the good ones and avoid the poor disgusting ones.''

The King of the Abel tribe lives in a mountain castle
above all of them in unbelievable luxury.

And indeed: the success of these Good Ones is obvious. They get richer each day. With more richness they enjoy life each day more and more.

Back to bad Kain brother Thomas, who met long ago in n0byland Laleela and adored her so much, that he would do anything for her love.

So Miss Maria Diva Laleela listens years ago one full moon night to his cries and invites him in her home. They drink wine together, smoke a bit and are happy. When Laleela puts off her cloth and stands before Thomas naked, he is a puzzled.

Thomas has made love the last time 16 years ago. He knows women only from fantasy, from films and from web-sites.

But a real woman like Laleela looks so much different: Her naked boobs are hanging down, her teeth smell bad, and her pussy stinks a bit from urine. Seeing her naked, his desire is gone.

Laleela Miss Maria Diva gets almost mad about him and shouts: ''on your knees, you impotent worm! You are for sure from the Kain tribe, only worth to lick my feet!''

In tears Thomas falls down naked before her, starts to lick her feet. Laleela has mercy, and guides his face with his licking tongue higher and higher to the middle point of her body.

Thomas licks her with passion and almost ashamed about his failure, till she melts and moans softly. Finally she pushes him away with her foot in his face and laughs scornful: ''Thank you for your Cuni Lungus! From now on your have to be my slave and serve me well! You are like all nasty pigs from Kain tribe in n0byland! And I will call you Kain Thomas, you Thomas Kain.''

Thomas is very desperate and asks me, n0by, in private: ''What shall I do?''

I advice: ''Best you leave her alone.''

''That I can't do, I love her more than myself.''

''That will not help, either you fuck her or she fucks you. And I guess, the last happens.''

Thomas-Kain with his spear of burning desire

Thomas enslaves himself more and more, to gain her love. Another full moon night, Laleela has mercy and gives him again a sign, that he is welcome. So he rides on his proud horse to Laleela Miss Maria Diva. Thomas calls his beloved horse ''Mercedes''.

Laleela Miss Maria Diva drinks Champagne, Thomas brings as present and again they smoke a bit together. But Thomas has to drink from her shoes.

Late at night she orders Thomas, to sleep in her room on the floor beside her sleeping room. Thomas promises to obey her orders with unconditional surrender.

In sexy night dress Laleela goes in her room, and before she covers Thomas on the floor with a blanket – but by her foot only. Thomas watches her from the floor high above without her panties.

Half the night Thomas can't sleep and in the very early morning Thomas is so drunk from desire for Laleela Miss Maria Diva, that he dares to enter in her sleeping room. He kneels before her bed, and in her dreams, she imagines a horny devil by her side with a pentagram on his forehead. In this nightmare she wakes up and shouts: ''Help! Help, someone rapes meeeee!''

Thomas leaves scared her room immediately. She is very angry and tells him later on the phone, never to meet her again; otherwise she will call the police.

In tears Thomas promises to obey, and looses fat, to be more beautiful for her. I warn him all the time, to leave her finally alone. But Thomas never listens to anything else but his desires and imaginations.

One night he rides in pain of love and drunkenness on his horse Mercedes to Laleela Miss Diva, who lives next town. Thomas mistreats unaware his horse so hard, that they fall. Thomas has to kill his beloved Mercedes horse – badly injured. He neither reaches the place nor the heart of his Queen Mother Miss Maria Diva, his adored Laleela.

Thomas remembers his lost horse Mercedes

But Thomas heart is hurt and so he plays the role, Laleela has given him on their last meeting. Thomas plays bad brother Kain. And this Kain Thomas is jealous about the joy and the celebration of these happy people around Laleela, King Chandroji and the wise advisor Kabir.

Thomas as bad brother Kain has nothing to contribute for them anymore but black arrows of poisonous sorrows like beastly barking of a rabid dog.

This Thomas-Kain poison pollutes the honey heart of the brave and friendly ones in Chandroji's cosy circle. So the friendly King Abel Chandroji and his company judges about bad brother Kain: ''This Thomas-Kain is a killer! He kills our peaceful mood! Thomas-Kain twistes around all our precious seek and search for deeper compassionate caring for each of us. Even we care all for peace, we can't care for Thomas, this Kain the Killer! Therefore we sentence with a big majority of all good willing ones bad brother Thomas Kain the Killer to silence! Silence for ever!''

They hug each other, and Miss Maria Diva Laleela, in secret mocked as ''Beautyboobs'', invites everyone with a warm and happy smile into her female mysteries of communion with the divine.

But bad brother Thomas Kain has to leave these happy people and wanders alone as grumpy single, lonely wolf and looks for victims, he can rape with his nasty nightmares as revenge.

But by a spell of Miss Diva Maria Laleela, mocked as ''Beautyboobs'', bad brother Thomas Kain has a sign on his forehead, the pentagram. And by this sign all lucky happy people recognize bad brother Thomas Kain immediately. At least the good ones, who are sober and clear enough on their sunny days, to separate good from evil. They can avoid bad brother Thomas Kain easy.

Miss Maria Diva Laleela in
Chandroji's cosy circle

bad brother Thomas Kain has a sign
on his forehead, the pentagram

In more danger are the ones, who meet at night in dark places, where they drink wine and smoke Marihuana. These sinners fail to see the obvious. In those dark drunken nights of their young souls some sinners loose their innocence, because bad brother Thomas Kain finds new victims to rape and to misuse - as revenge for his never fulfilled desires and love for Miss Diva Maria Laleela, mocked as Beautyboobs.

But poor sinner victims suffer from Thomas Kain's sadistic torture so much that they wake up. With tears of repentance they come back to the community of Chandroji Abel's brave happy people, and promise on their knees, never to contact again bad brother Thomas Kain, the cruel Killer!

King Chandroji Abel asks wise man Kabir for advise, how to stop Thomas Kain? Kabir wants a part of Chandroji's castle, to teach him wisdom.

This prize is too much. So Chandroji has a better idea. He orders to take away all possessions and everything from Thomas Kain. His followers, working as King’s mind police, have to throw Kain Thomas from an abyss into a deep cold mountain lake!

But Thomas Kain dives deep and escapes from King Abel Chandroji's hangmen.

Thomas is now a refugee in n0byland. But he hasn't found peace and love again and suffers from sadness and depressive isolation. People in n0byland can't console Thomas, he does not even read their letters.

Thomas has still in mind Miss Maria Diva and Abel King Chandroji from Berlin, where Kabir spreads his pearls of wisdom. But Kain-Thomas is forbidden to read or to listen the wise talks in Chandroji Abel's Castle.

Still Kain-Thomas waits, that his adored Miss Diva Maria Laleela comes back to n0byland or will invite him back in the German Kingdom of Chandroji Abel!

The wise Kabir smiles compassionate about Kain-Thomas in depressive mood and sends as last message:

''You Kain Thomas, you never have ever listened to anything else but yourself. In your deepest pain you start to listen to softer voices inside, outside. And by your new sensitivity you will learn to obey the orders of Queen Miss Diva Laleela and King Chandroji Abel from Berlin.''

King Abel Chandroji presents Kabir a golden book with his wise word for his help and service. And meanwhile Miss Diva Laleela proud reports in her mails, that she has a strong young knight, who satisfies her fully at night. And she flowers in beauty and bliss.

Thomas creates this film from our meeting

King’s mind police have to throw Kain Thomas from an abyss into a deep cold mountain lake

King Abel Chandroji presents his advisor
Kabir a golden book with his wise word