Gorgeous gender games with Laleela in Lala Land

Hi n0by,


after our talk on the phone this morning I lay down to relax. You have said something that made me interested in looking deeper - you have talked about some chamber in my heart, where you sit, and where it is sticky and uncomfortable.

Hey Laleela!

Hope you like your new Nickname! Your letter was the most touching one, I have remembered the last years! You reached me so deep, that I felt moved, to drive five, six hours through the night. To you! I want to touch, to feel you. A heart desire.

But one after other: I lay in the upper bed of Noby Dick here in Austria under the mountain called ''Zugspitze''. In winter all cars park here, because  the cable train starts here for ski sport. Now the place is empty, but everywhere it is forbidden to stay for Motor Homes. But two of these rolling homes will share the night with me.

Rain knocks on the plastic roof, few centimetres above my head. Light in the car shines on my 10 years old palmtop. I take your love letter with me, to tune in your heart again.

You have said something that made me interested in looking deeper

First I lost all interest to dive deeper into your  heart! It felt like all those other slime snails: sticky, sour, poisonous acid! As if there is not enough of this in me!

My ugliest mind movies  try to chase you away: I blame you for your hypocrite Mother Theresa style. Polak Pope has to sign my last letter for you in disgust.. Which worse people could spread poisonous blame?

When you can take this last letter in, your answer ''transforms'' our connection on a higher level, you keep yourself available to dive deeper. Sweet seduction: What are men made for? To chase you, the woman! What are women made for? To tease us men to come. With sperms, stories  and shitspituality - whatever: all and everything.

Mother Theresa style. Polak Pope

Thus I went looking to find out what you mean.

 I've discovered a few things in our connection. Also some pretty abusive things from the so-called p a s t . Now I start talking in  pictures, because this is also how I perceive these things...

Words painting pictures? Beautiful! Pictures mirror life much better than so called logical approach. Pictures root in mysteries. Mysteries root in inner reality. Inner reality roots in the divine - and in the devil!

Highest Mountain in Germany ''Zugspitze''

A spider had developed in my Solar Plexus. Up to now, when I found her, she had created a giant cobweb. She had put sugar on it as a coating, to attract the flies. Many victims were already glued in there, waiting to be eaten up. You were also there. It looked, as if you, like many others, have been seduced into it.

These lines shock my alarm clock! I suffer since years from this knot in the solar plexus. This knot feels like a spider. Yes, you mirror my inner being right! Is it this, what deepens our connection again? This spider knot in my solar plexus is growing. I'm afraid to visit a doctor. Mima has felt this knot one week ago. Scary. 

This spider-man inside spins his web with pure poison! Still few flies and butterflies stumble and stick! Or vice versa: anxiously those flies keep distance control. Watch out, Laleela, not to come closer in Lala-Land! Again spider man slimes his seductive web around you! This spider wants all of you! Subito! Here! Now, naked - in body and thoughts!

Without any other desire, than to give up and to give it all! This spider-man destroys all boundaries, you build and hide for shelter. Either give up - or run away as fast you can!

spider-woman, armoured, waiting for victims

You looked very sad. But the sadness was not from feeling victimized. The sadness was from feeling co-responsible for the birth of this spider.

Sad, that's right! We hang up the phone in sadness. But your spider reasons are not mine, spider woman! Sadness comes to the shrinking spider man, when she's not ready to give up her resistance! Spiderman is bound to melt into spider women. The result is known: he will serve as food afterwards. But Spiderman are not real intelligent. He will not stop, before she gives up!

Come, spider-woman! Give up! Lay down all weapons! Let your boundaries be broken! Become HIS will! And fulfill! Unconditional! It's worth a solid meal, Mhhhhhh mmmm! Don't think  a single moment about all this nonsense! Just lay down, open up arms, legs, arms, legs, all eight spider-women, mouth and every think else! That's, what  the hell asks from heavens above! Earn your meal!

Seepensee with Zugspitze

It is true. In some experience, when this 'I' was deep down, abused, disrespected, destroyed - with your help, and others - , this birth of the spider was a question of life or death.

It was a change from victim to tyrant. It was this persons possibility to survive, in standing up against the tyrants and taking revenge.

This birth of your spider-woman is your birth right! All animals have their right to live inside you! The more wild animals serve your desires, the greater your pleasure in life!

Will the moon power force my spider-man to sacrifice his life as victim? Spider-woman, hungry tyrant you will swallow spider-man shrinking, when his job is done. First get laid, invite spider-man to victimize you. Win his head by loosing yours!

Why worry about death? First try life! Death will come on it's own!

Survival in standing up? Against what? Where is the enemy?

You look like this armoured upstanding guard! Spider-woman, are you always in self defence? Why don't you feed from full fat food? Why not just lay down to take the tyrant in - as revenge ? Spit out, what you digest, the poisonous predator! The rest of it! First chew his fat exhausted flesh! Suck his juice from life!

Seepensee with Zugspitze

First I felt like destroying the web in one big  explosion. But it didn't feel right. 'My victims'  would have also been destroyed. And the  blessing, that is found even in the darkest of  humans expressions, would also just blast.

Destruction may be the last fun, that sounds true! But have you, spider-women, exhausted your capacity already to torture your victims? Have you already sucked all the blood from your flies in your sugar-web?

As long you, spider-woman,  can milk out the last drop of blood from your victims, what's worth to destroy? Are you crazy, to destroy your food ressources? You're not! Some instincts still work according to spider-women's wisdom: ''it doesn't feel right''! This is Laleela in Lala-Land! Fight  for fun, spider-women, to burn up flame and fire inside! Don't you feel alive?


Thus I asked for some tool, and removed the coating from the web. The victims are still a bit shocked, still a bit gluey, but they recover and, one by one, fly/move off. They don't leave, they collect at some place to watch.

You can lie to boy kids, who admire your sugar coated net, spider-women! Boys don't dare much more than to masturbate on kids knees out of reach of yours eight arms open legs open arms open legs! But you can't lie to spider-man, who gets his head out of your deadly bait! You have not even finished the construction of your spider-net, woman! What you dream about destruction? First construction! Destruction follows on its own.

Each letter you knot your web deeper and deeper! That's all, what spiders do day and night! You feel a bit dizzy, spider-women? You try new tricks on male minds? There are no new tricks! Spider-woman! Your tricks are stone age old in your blood, body, cells, muscles, genes! Your letter smells even from better sugar coated quality! Males watch out: Sharp spider teeth move around us victims. The hot air vibrates from aroma, the fluidum of spider-woman's juices! All spider-men smell this seductive aerosole thousands miles around the world!

Yes! Spider-men round up next to you and watch every breath and step! We have to offer us as victimized food for your desire, pleasure and play! Your body knows better than your brain, when spider-man's juice hunts him to jumb on you! Spider-woman!

 The spider was not surprised, maybe rather relieved. Asking her for her message helped understanding. She, as all beings, wanted to be accepted for what she was. She had protected this person for so long. And she had always become vibrant the moment this person felt bodily/emotionally abused.

She was part of the serpent, one of her expressions. Killing her, which the pirate in me tried to do, would be killing the serpent. But the serpent cannot be killed. The spider is not her head to cut off. Killing the spider would only mean to cut a wound into the serpent, for some other 'monster' to grow out of it.

AHHHH!!! There she comes!  Next hungry animal crawls out of your dschungels desire! The female wants it really wild now!

Feels like a flight to the moon on your deep breathing body! Spider-woman was the first part of the rocket. Burned out, thrown away! Next part of the rocket fires up! Snake power now! Higher and higher. That's not the boring finger pointing to the moon, that's the rocket bare back ride to the moon right now! Now serpent in power, what food you want?

Spider, serpent,  monster! What's next, woman? Bitch? Queen? Both? Who cares? Scorpion sticks on flying fish on their way up to moon! Lights of delight in deep rainy night! Do you feel it now? Here? Laleela in Lala Land!

Don't cut anything, feed everything: spider, serpent, monster, man! WummIN!

Mimama as spider woman on our
rubber boat ''Rat Flash''

The spider is still sitting and watching. She happily gave her power back. After she was  not ready to receive my love down there in  her place - she didn't feel it true - I took  her up into my heart. She did not change  in there, did not 'transform'. She just  stays as she are - but now she's not an  unseen enemy anymore, operating in the  dark. She is part of the system, back in  her place. And I'm eager to find out  about her c r e a t i v e abilities.

 ME TOO! Everyone is! Doesn't it feel beautiful to love this sugar coating spider-woman? Whhhhaaaauuuu! Can't you feel _my_ love and passion for my poisonous acid sharp spider man inside? There roots creativity!

Spiders concentrate pure energy! Delight! Nature's entertainment in this thrilling exciting game: LIFE, DEATH - something in between!

Also the web cannot be destroyed. It is a blessing I don't have any idea of what  it is good for.

My feeling is, that this spiders place was the  dark chamber you felt yourself sticking in.

Up to the heart we both didn't go together yet.

Ok, another story...

No! No! No! No! No other story, before the first story isn't finished! Spider-man will always feel embarrassed, when spider-woman spins her web. She invites victims to jump in and on! Spider-men are not real intelligent, to avoid this destiny of death and destruction in your eight arms, spider-woman! Spider-man has some vague insights, what will follow.

  Inevitable. So: it's fun to write fearless to Laleela in Lala Land, harder to handle your emotions on the phone. Getting into your eight arms, his defeat is his destiny.

 You carry in yourself some big disappointment about my heart. In some expression of human history you had felt betrayed by me. I had decided to go against my heart, and with the rules I had established according to my vision of 'liberte', egalite', fraternite'. That vision had inspired in me the idea to change the law into treating every citizen equally. We - I, you, others - had been fighting to implant this h i g h  i d e a l .

Here you spin again, spider-women! Sugar coated illusions! Illusions! Illusions! The one and only vision: get real and ready for a HUMAN TOUCH! Much to much?

 Far below humanity and all idiotic ideals crawl insects burning in hungry desires around and around ! All they are longing for the basics in animals life: to swallow food and sex through tiny tubes! Burning their life in birth towards death. Ideals are born by brains, who lost reality in animals wisdom! Ideals have to balance the self esteem for undernourished dreamers, who get lost in minority feelings!

Spider-women never fall on this deep level of depressive minority mood! Spider-women just wait for food! Whatever spider-women get, indeed she treats all equal: food for fighting fun!

'liberte', egalite', fraternite'.

I hadn't felt much p e r s o n a l love for people. F r i e n d l y n e s s , yes. But my love was for the vision, for the spirit in the task I fullfilled.

Your ''love'' a task? A task to fulfill? Are you sister of mercy to light up sinners in despair? Your love for what? A vision? Does your brain needs surgery? Your ''vision'' smells for spider-man like a blood empty ghost trembling in fears of minority mood!  So you are the born victim for brainwash Blablabla - nowadays in Ramrod style!

This my blabla here tries to bring you on your eight feet again! Back on your naked winding belly, stupid serpent! This blabla here tries to sharpen your teeth for the lust of life! The hunger to suck your bloody willing victims!

And this blablabla here tries this exercise for more minds caught in minority mood! For what are we writing day in, day out? To get our juices flow again! By this letter get real woman! You need a man in your bed?  I'm old, far from you, sucked out from my spider-mama Mimamai! But two days without my warden, spider-man feels ready again to jump in his destiny.

Now these floppy flink fingers fight for fun! Exciting exercises on Laleela in Lala land.  Let's flow those juices of life in creativity - doggies style! Barbarians beasts! Bullies on your body!

But my love was for the vision,
for the spirit in the task

My wife, who hadn't felt loved by me, who had only felt like a prescious gem in my life plan, fell in love with a man. Where I was so idealistically pouring all my love and strength into the wellbeing of humanity, she was so personally pouring all her love into one man. The perfect counterpart to me ..::))

And although I felt personally hurt that she couldn't love me the way she loved that man, I happily watched these two flowers open towards each other. It was beautiful to see, and evoked very friendly feelings in me. I would have loved to send these two guys away, together. But the law of my country didn't allow that. It asked for her death. Although I hadn't made that law, I had to obbey it. Because all humans are equal, and even for the queen no exceptions are allowed.

What now: Queen or Servant? Queens make laws for servants to obey.

And anywhay: this Lala Land is OUT OF LAWS, Land of the Outlaws.

It asked for her death? There is LIFE before DEATH! Heard about this exception?

I had to obbey it

 You were one of my friends and followers. You had been a child of love, with an innocent heart which you'd dedicated to the vision. The moment I'd sent my wife to death, your whole world collapsed. You felt me betraying my heart to stay loyal to the idea - and by this I betrayed you.

Do you write this to and about me? To make at clear again: my vision is as simple as a HUMAN touch! That includes the touch from all beasts in your zoo inside: spiders, snakes, dogs, cats, walrus, tiger, lion, elefant, crocodile, mice, flies, butterflies, men - and even women!

When women are hard, men pay all the time. When you kill your woman inside, you kill men inside as well. That sounds like the concept of  nons and monks in isolation. I burn to meet my woman inside as much as women outside. As matter of fact, my longing for women outside roots in the longing for her guidance to help grow my woman inside.

The moment I'd sent my wife to death,
your whole world collapsed.

You fell out of your heart into some dark valley. 'If this is love, I will never love anymore. I won't  trust anymore'. From that moment on you'd  become a cynic. Your belly with all its bubbeling emotions became your home. You started using  your sword as a defense against anything that  could irritate these guts people in the layer around your very centre.

 The way down from the heart to the belly was a blessing. Because the heart is not the centre of life energy. Just a heart, as you had been at that time, doesn't grow to be a tree on the planet. All airy-fairy-loving hei-tei-tei is not what life is. Falling out of love was  your way to get back to your real life energy.

Strange statements!

What's more important than life energy? Where would be your love without life energy?

Your  statement above shows: you judge in a sophisticated way, to adjust male bullies behaviour to your tender needs of seductive sweetness! In this subtle way you chase away spider-men, the real ones! We don't need no education - but acceptance! Can't you accept real life energy as belly bullies expression of love?

What poor substitute for spider-women without spider-man: flies and butterflies. Just a sip of blood - and pleasure is gone.

Who wants to climb up the hill of understanding? For this challenge you have to stand these different moods of mind! This letter tries to touch Laleelalas in Lala Land only! A sand box for kids. Mind toys play with life energy! Poor substitute.

Where bring us our judgments? To isolation only. Most old men choose to be alone. Like my thoughts connect to you from a silent mountain. From the morning night till the moon comes out.  Should a young mother not hold all doors open, to walk in the world with her little boy? What bring her all false flatteries? Isolation only. Many young mothers have to bring up their kids this way.

Your letter opens again up somehow something inside me! You're the woman: can't men expect something different from you than we are trained to succeed in  hostile environments? Each boy is loosing always in wide pissing competition against other boys! But is not each boy  mother's best? Even when pissing fails the target and boys come home sad with wet trousers and shoes?

My long life years trained in HUMAN TOUCH from females at home, my experience of HUMAN TOUCH gets somehow this inviting sensitive smell of spider female aerosole, what makes man jump! Jump into abyss!

This way you work on my body, mind, heart, soul system. Deeper and deeper for all your female needs and expectations. It's natural deal. Boobs of two leg walking animals are designed for years as attractive invitation, even without milk inside! For what? Nature has equipped female two legs walking animals somehow, to move their male warriors to come home at night!

Males had to  bring food and toys to keep the breed occupied a couple of hours.  The female attraction rewards the big boys with boob toys and all these other slick vicious delight from real religon: HUMAN TOUCH!

Just open up your eight legs, arms, arms, legs, to let this sperm soaked stories flood your sensitive cells. Does you feel your juices flow! Your juices to digest the fat food! For YOU! STUPID BELLA BITCH! Laleelas! All  blondes or brunettes in Lala Land!

Who needs her talks, when he asks for heavy breathing lessons to be born again and again and again? Even this blabla are nothing but soap bubbles from Lala Land, but don't you feel a belly connection? Feel deeper! And? Do you feel it now? Do you get ready? Ready by reading love letters in Lala Land?

Is it this, what  resonates with harmony?  You write, what I feel! Do I write, what you feel now? Does this letter from Lala Land turns on your feelings? For a HUMAN TOUCH? Thank you! Blind heart needs belly bully's guidance: spider woman wisdom! Serpent sleep stops: raise up your snake head and dance!

butterflies. Just a sip of blood -
and pleasure is gone.

As t r u s t was gone, b e l i e v e and d o u b t (unbelieve) became your masters. As l o v e was gone, e m o t i o n became your master. As v i s i o n was g o n e , i d e a became your master.

That's right, when those statements from your twisted mind are twisted once again in opposite direction! Back from sugar coated slime to the very first ''vision'': HUMAN TOUCH! Alone in my rolling home by the side of the street  in a valley, in middle  of a little village, church behind with cemetary, this master of doubts brings up emotions from idea to reality - our one and only reality: HUMAN TOUCH!

N o t h i n g   is gone! Nobody is a ''Master''! All your body, muscles, cells, everything is made out of EMOTIONS! All here we are in Lala Land to bring back this first and only memory: EMOTIONS FROM A HUMAN TOUCH! That's the simple short way direct from mind to n0-mind, from fantasy to reality!

When body has collected enough energy to share, sperm soaked stories release energy in EMOTIONS! No matter, if this body climbs up the Sunday mountain in rain or sun up to the sky above white clouds, or if this body offers all his EMOTIONS in your melting pot! Just cook this offered fat eye for your starving maigre life soup, spiced by EMOTIONS! Emotions touch you deeper than thoughts. That's your reason to read and write yourself deeper and deeper as victim Laleela in Spider's Lala Land!

Yours body belly wisdom is far above your brain! EMOTIONS keep you connected with yourself. There are still precious letters in Lala Land. Those precious ones heat up your fire to feel yourself melting away in flood of EMOTIONS! This will go deeper and deeper, as long you can stand the HUMAN TOUCH! This touch can hurt you damned deep! And it will do so.

But the ones, who avoid pain, avoid pleasure too! That's, what I blame as ''Non Mother Theresa'' with bloodless cold thoughts! SpitShituality!

There are letters in Lala Land, who trespass your borders, to bring you reckless to reality! Some thoughts you feel like HUMAN TOUCH inside. You start moaning red blooded woman! It's getting hotter and hotter inside. Emotions help to stop all thoughts of your doubtful sharp mind. Mind cuts apart, emotions melt together.

 Beyond mind your body brain works  on a deeper level. This is the cultural split special for intelligent females. Therefore this message is written to bridge this split.

Thankfully your body opens up in trust again. To the one, who masters your mind! For this you are longing: how would you live without trust in your life?

Nobody is a ''Master''!

 It is my experience that what we call 'past lives' is actually happening here-now. And it can be changed. Thus, I will have a  deeper look into the happening and see, if  anything wants to be changed, and into what.

 And, very important: I don't take these 'memories' literally. They are symbols for  me to understand something. Maybe they  are wrong. Maybe the symbols are wrong.  Maybe the understanding is wrong.

 I can only listen to what, diving into it, changes in my body. I look into dark places I haven't been aware off yet. I feel energy moving, where numbness was before. I have no concept of how to go about it. It just develops in me, and whatever feels good, even when uncomfortable, happens.

Again such a touching truth: CHANGES IN BODY! When this would be possible for Laleela in Lala Land just by fantasies, than this ''STOP making Cents!'' has a value far beyond mental connectivity: HUMAN TOUCH!

''STOP making Cents!''

It also feels uncomfortable to share it here. But it wants to be expressed.

Sure it feels uncomfortable to show up naked in your body and your thoughts for the public! Females feel shy, to expose their nude vulnerability! A vulnerability to be fertilized with sperm soaked stories of male chauvinist pigs with bad boys desires to enjoy your naked, winding vulnerability free from shy shame and gullible guilt. This spider woman gets her strength together, when she opens up her eight legs, arms, arms, legs! To swallow sperm soaked stories in slippery slime of digested delight: MMMMHHHH MMMMM!

fertilized with sperm soaked stories of male
 chauvinist pigs with bad boys desires

Most of you people here will probably laugh at this stupid bitch on some esoteric trip.

Children laugh, when sensations surprise for the very first time. When bodies get ready for HUMAN TOUCH deep inside, laughter stops. That's spiders fun fight for death and life! This spider man jumps on your spider female exposition with pleasure! There is no stupity at all to leave cultural conventions behind and to bring your animalistic heritage up on the stage for this naked love fight to live in delight! Boys will laugh and ridicule this web from two spiders in delight fight: all these 16 arms, legs, legs, arms, arms, legs - endlessly.

But deep down these laughing boys have a deep longing to leave masturbations behind in Lala Land and get ready for the real thing: HUMAN TOUCH!

Phhhhhh! When this happens, there will be an endless story for the yellow press!

Like from the death of the Bishop in Passau, ten years ago - do you remember this story? This fat old chauvinist male pig of seventy years was always longing for young juicy spider women. He buys them in noble red light houses. One special virgin style child of 17 years only was presented to this old dotter for a lot money.

BTW: she was a young Indian lady. An orphant from Calcutta, baptized by Mother Theresa for christian chruch studies in Germany. Bavaria. Passau.

One pimp predates this innocent child, to make her work as prostitute.

Now the Old Bishop from Passau jumped over her tender young tits. And her nature make these juices flow and flow and flow out of her body and his too! And what happened?

Suddenly the heart of the Bishop stops beating. His breath stops. Her body pushed trembling away this old fat corpse and she starts to scream and shout.

The fat Red Light Mama comes in to help her poor victimized child, not even able to speak in German Language. But with her body language she has finished the fat Old Bishop from Passau in not even half an hour!

Now will you blame this young Indian girl to be stupid? Will you blame her to be a bitch? A killer queen? Or did she perform her natural arts of  esoteric erotic sciences? Inbuild by her Mother Nature  - not lectured by Mother Theresa or Bishop Ramrod from Passau.

An orphant from Calcutta,
baptized by Mother Theresa

Well, ...



Yes, I enjoy your letter and presence more than ever! When we have sharpened our sweet swords for gender games, listen careful to a strict device in this severe judging pressure pleasure, ok?

Do you know the one and only bitches are afraid of? THE DEVIL!

n0by, thanks for the blessings...

Welcome Laleela in Lala Land!

Your victimizing prayers are fuel in this hell fire of desires, lust longing preachings! Welcome to suck these sperm soaked sermons!

You end your letter like a prayer! This Madonna female feeling kneels to bring males down on their knees.

What can be said? What can be written? What can be felt, when the longing to touch each other inside gets real?

What can be said?