Finally Saturday Mima has sold enough asparagus in her little hut by the street. We drive near Nuremberg in the thermal bath Hersbruck and recover our bodies in hot sauna sessions. There we spend our first night in Mima's Motor Home ''Seacow'' beside the bath. Sunday Mima cares for her old father in Bamberg in her loving way.

The second night we spend the night at the side of a lake. Frogs quack, first early birds start to sing. It's 4.00 a.m. in this cold spring night: six, seven degrees Celsius only.

The fan of the gas oven murmurs. In this sound mixes the measured breath of my woman. She sleeps in the roof bed upstairs. My thoughts spin soundless sweet stories in the tiny keyboard of my palmtop. I'm used to fantasize this way since ten years.

Mima visits her relatives in this beautiful region - called ''Franken''. This region is a northern part of Bavaria with a bit different softer flavour. People are felt more friendly. Meals in restaurant cost a third less than in Munich.

At 8.00 a.m. opens the famous thermal bath Staffelstein with the most salty waters in Bavaria. Yesterday with the first sun after a rainy, cold May I tried once again a bath in an open lake. Water, air, my body - all is cold, even in June. 250 Kilometres south in the Alpes above 1000 Metres snow falls.

Before Mima asks for dinner, I read the last 30 e-mails from our free n0by group: Thomas in Hamburg didn't cross Germany from North to South for his next arduous photo job. Zora documents her life ins Sweden again with fantastic pics. Adhitya shares - like Rasa - new insights, how they interpret reality. 

Ozay needs someone as sparring partner for boxing mental championship. Hans Bretthauer claims and illustrates again sperm superiority. By these efforts Hans Bretthauer fertilizes the mind of the patient and receptive ones - or not. Alton, a Jew converted Christian from Hawai plays for money in the stock market and in cyber space with our smart friend Eric in Paris.

Eric dreams, to save sensitive people in his Cyber Group. In his group Eric wardens some sweet sheep in sweet dreams. Eric doesn't allow any disturbance for this grass chewing groupies and bans and censors two or three rough rebels.

''Please, praise the peace of protective priests and politicians!''

Eric explains in his heartfelt wisdom, how bad someone like n0by roots in the tradition of German warriors! Eric warns: ''[noby the great assembly of mistreated and molested children]'' more Eric excited (#28434): '' 'and the Krauts invading Paris' and the idiotic masses will never forgive, the greater the number the smaller the heart.''

And Eric enlightens all angels with this (#28459): ''e: I'd be curious how many will say "i awakened at noby's" probably more chance to awaken during a cancer treatment.''

What our wise friends from Holy India Beloved Paddy and Jeeva write to each other, can only be understood either by an Enlightened One or a born Indian - maybe the same?

Can only understand the decent and brave ones, how all these nice group leaders like honest Eric, Sarlo, Bob Rose, Jerry Katz, Gene Poole, Sackratshita, Kartar, Surrendra, Chaitanyo, Nirguna or Rasa protect the shy and sensitive ones? Aren't these brave and decent ones longing for shelter and safety against severe sins and endarkening evil in their world in- and outside?

''Please, praise the peace of our protective priests and politicians!''

My Mimamai sways her Seacow over the high way from Staffelstein to Bamberg. Staffelstein with the salty thermal bath is a little village, where Adam Riese discovered, how to calculate and teach people this math science.

One hour walk from the centre is the ''Staffel mountain''. 5000 years before Christ first people build their homes on this mountain as shelter against attackers. 500 years before Christ birth a Celtic tribe build there a castle, Christians followed several centuries later with a chapel.

After thirty years of religious war 1518 till 1548 an arch bishop opened up again the destroyed chapel. Overwhelmed by the beauty of the country this holy man prayed:

''This is such a holy mountain, that my feet are not worth to touch the ground with shoes.''

And as humble servant of G*D father and the people he walked down in the valley on naked feet. 

Similar are these humble servants today in Internet Chat rooms, who protect their customers with sophisticated censorsh*t against harsh, tough intruders with nasty four letter words like ''love''.

So. once again: ''Please, praise the Pentecost peace of our protective priests and politicians!''

Returning home on the high way we stop in this marvellous ''Old Mill Valley'' once again, to bike some hours more. The geographical centre of Bavaria near the castle Kipfenberg is worth to visit again and again. 

As happy end of our first concerted journey after a short cold rain shower a marvellous rainbow pours colourful beauty around us.

Amen, Hallelujah, Shalom, Inch' Allah, OOMMM, Love!