Mother's Day

Wild Goose with Kid

Seacow, Mima's Christmas Market Transporter, grows and grows to our next comfortable Motor Home. The work continues in the beautiful May village Pommelsbrunn, 30 Kilometres eastern from Nuremberg.

My little journeys from Munich to the garage, where Seacow's Transformation to an Enlightened Motor Home continues, I enjoy tremendously: I meet my lovely, little daughter. We share our views in happy fulfilled, peaceful excursions with profound sharings.

Most e-group sharing passes by like far away foggy politics of different preachermen. RASA advertises like most people i.e. James Wyly valuable viewpoints - valuable surely for themselves. Maybe for others too. I don't buy advertises - neither of E-GROUP-GURUS nor of E-ENLIGHTENMENT-ENTERTAINERS!

I guess, Eric Paroissien enjoys his freedom here, that he doesn't need to flatter and please people, he flatters and pleases in his group. I don't care, who write where. I care to write my little, lovely life stories - like an online journal.

n0by group holds up the freedom to breeze AND the freedom to fart. Nevertheless I enjoy right now Michael-Jivano-Kabir's play in Sarlo's second censored place.

There enfolds a firework of joy and spirit by Michael-Jivano-Kabir rooting in his rich experiences by Michael's long and ardous voyage inside.

This I write, because of many personal meetings and talks with Michael. Can't these personal meetings and talks (i.e. Skype) connect people far better and deeper than e-mails?

From my p.o.v. freedom can only be undivided, means feel free, to breeze AND to fart! 

Good Old German Home