Walting - Kratzmill boat tour in Old-Mill-Valley


Last summer I drove the long boat tour with my friend Burkhard, on Saturday with Mimamai. We first bring in the car the bike to the end point of our boat trip, Kratzmühle (Scratch Mill) river kilometre 46,3.

Next we drive the river up stream to the start point of the tour. The village is Walting, river kilometre 74.3 There we leave the car, inflate the boat and bring it in the water. We have to paddle 28 kilometre down the river. We pass tower ruins of the 13th century, watch wild birds, castles in Arnsberg and Kipfenberg, even 2000 year old ruins from the Romans are next to the river.

The tame river flows slowly. So we need more muscles, to paddle. We paddle continously five hours. We even eat our salat and bread in the boat floating down the river. Only one can eat, the other one tries to bring the boat safe forward. Maximal for half an hour we had a break on the shore. 

 Clouds threaten with rain. Wind from the front hinders us. The boat turns around in gust of wind.

Finally we cross under the bridges of the high way Nuremberg-Munich and of the fastest train connection between these big cities. Slow rain in the evening makes it harder to paddle the last eight kilometres.

Two hours I need to bike back. The street is a few kilometres shorter, because there are few serpents less than in the river. Therefor the street goes up a little bit, harder to bike in the evening rain against the wind.

Sunday we both relax. All my muscles still hurt.

Heron at Old-Mill river