Sunday snow catastrophy

Sunday in Munich: After 24 hours snow flurry Mima's Seacow is covered with white

My mockery is known ad nauseam in the web wide world: ''Religious retarted fundamental fashOSHOs of all regions and religions unite!''

In our free advertising n0by group gathering most of my comments and judgements have stopped about anyone. Welcome, to write, what you want to write! Nobody needs to write, what you think is right!

With joy I share fantasies and facts about ordinary life with my woman Mimamain in Munich. Thanks for the joy dear Zora to read reports from India. Thanks Jeeva for your information, how Indian under nourished cows cry: '''MOOOOOOH....'   'MUUUUUUhh'   'MAAAAAAhh....':>

Feelings, experiences and experiments with drugs decades ago have answered my question: hasn't everyone the right, to share his opinion? Hasn't everyone a valuable and respectable standpoint, to advertise lies and truth? Hasn't everyone a similar approach, to make friends or - if not possible -  to get some attention? Who cares about positive or negative judgements? Who still argues? I'm tired....

Is here anyone around, who doesn't feel attracted by false flatteries nor attacked by rude word rattling? Who still reads sophisticated spreading spammers or promises praising agents?

Fact here in South Bavaria: more snow was falling the last 24 hours than ever happened since Hundred Years in March! Busses and tramways in Munich can't drive anymore and trains  had to stop. Flights inside Germany are canceled. On the high ways the traffic jams up to 100 Kilometres lines.

Watch OUT: Ghosts grab walkers with white terrific tentacles