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Sun Mar 9, 2008 11:11 pm  

Not at all.
And although it is obvious that Michael is a very special person, something in his way of treating people feels not kosher for me, and this is what I speak to him very often, and this can go on forever because he is a one way communicator.

However his sharing about himself wrapped in a blanket having coffee for breakfast that he wrote you, was another little step toward Michael incarnated as a fellow citizen.
One remark about the type of people that hang around here: Most of them were invited by n0by himself, that was his policy, and his trademark, and his justification to behave like a angry teenager himself.
Now he is getting tired of his own game.
When peoplke like me argue with Master Kabir, Thom and n0by label them as not surrendering to HIM. They adore him more and more. Good for them. Gives good feelings. From here we see no surrendering happening in them also.


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