Re: Is This Any Better? / not really, try again / Nazinazanazolala

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Wed Feb 20, 2008 4:13 pm  

It's always sad when buddhas become misanthropists,

(see myself moving in that direction a bit),

but in Michael Kabir's place it is of course also the

real risk of running into some jewish soul, no matter

how rare they are these days in Bavaria.



Sorry, had to once bring it here, based on my surprize

(may i use once again, now for real the word flabbergasted?)

of him going as far as this:


The only positive thing I can find in this nazi cliche,

is that may be he thinks that I have a jewish heart.

What do you think, are jewish hearts known as strong ones?

I hope so.

Sad greetingz,


"Isaac is a Jew after all, from top to toe.
So Jewish hearts are pulled to his Satsang.

Holding on to their wallets and at the same time
trying to steal enlightenment from the teacher.
Or was it holding on to their ego and at the
same time making others responseable for it?"