life in the forest

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Sun Jun 12, 2005 12:50 am  

Please look att this beautiful,gracious Miss Birch..
dancing in the mild wind,streching toward the sky
You can easy fall in love with her..


and down on the earth..
what is dandelion talking to the violets in their violet-blue uniforms..?


and blueberries flowers whispers something to lily-of-the-valley.


little frog is searching shelter or/and maybe water..


but homeless snail found little water on the path -enough to take evening bath..


and little butterfly tired of this gray swedish weather,try to rest on the wet grass


everybody has seen power of flower,dandelion growing on asfalt..
and now some of them still in bloom and some become old and wise,


ready to fly to the unknown, following elders who already did it..