Pictures from Kalkota

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Mon Jan 30, 2006  7:47 pm

Dear n0by,
do you like to watch pictures again..?

it is little boring with all this ego-trips and philosophies and viruses.. I send you pictures from my visit to India 1 year ago. This was life in in another world.. Kolkata.

To all travellers known Sudder street with cheap little hotels,and very expensive one. I was staying first time in my life in dormitory for 1,5 months.But I like it. It was Red Shield House of Army Salvation.

This was such a wonderful time meeting voluntiers from almost all countries and continents who come at least little to work with poor,seek , different institutions. Most of them were voluntiers of Mother Thereza.

I was visiting this computer school for poor girls what my son started some years ago. But I was inspired with all this mother theresas voluntiers around me that I went out with Army Salvation officiers one early morning at 3 o'clock.It was the day before Christmas to distribute blankets to those sleeping on the street.

It was haevy experience..

But there was another part of Kolkata life..meeting with artists of Kolkata, visiting Botanical Garden and the biggest banyan tree in the world.

It looks like many trees ,but it is one with many branches.There was a fresh air in this garden ...

On some pictures you can see how people are happy to have water to take bath on the cook on street..

I am again on the way to my dear India..I don't know what it is what is attracting me there..

It will be nice if we could look again pictures from my travel when/if I come back.


you please choose pictures and put this my text..if you like.. I send in one or two more mails because it will be to much at once I don't know what to say more..