'Was it in Rajneeshpuram, commune which was alive 5 years and destroyed by Reagan's administration, was it so..that it was all free of charge for visitors and meditators (food, accomodation), and in return each of them could work something and in this way it was possible to maintain ashram to function.

or how it was life there? did people paid some little sum of money for living in commune..? If it was paid for food and accomodation , how much it was , wasn't it some symbolic sum ?'

My investments for Osho/Bhagwan 'New Man's Dream'

  • Spring 1983: move into Premda Ashram Aachen with wife and daughter around 2500 Euro
  • renovation of Ashram Aachen for seven males, seven females, seven children around 2500 Euro

Master Festivals 1983

  • Flight for two persons and five day accommodation in Rajneeshpuram around around 2000 Euro

My spiritual growth in Rajneeshpuram

  • my new flight alone to U.S. and voyage to Rajneeshpuram after return from Master Festival 1983 around 1500 Euro
  • Residence for three monthes around 50 Euro per day around 4500 Euro


(Result: Osho asked His Mala back around my naeck 10.23.1983)

My honest efforts for rehabilitation as worthy disciple


  • one year in the U.S. (Portland/Seatle) with visits to each festival price for each: (around 200 Euro)
  • together around 5000 Euro

My investments and explorations of His teachings in Rajneeshpuram

  •  I had chosen Sheela to be my secretary to give you a little taste of what fascism means.' (Bhagwan)

My precious realization after around 20 years 

  • 'you will come to know how 'STUPID' you are - and this is great enlightenment' (Osho)


Bhagwan in chains

Sheela 1997