Klaus - Maroc 2010 January .... 

February 11th
Surprisingly the acrylics-glas arrived in time from Casablanca, they needed more than 5 hours to make a temporary windshield; I’m not very happy with the job they did, but anyway after some changes I can drive again even off-road.

So we went south to M’hamid from where we started the next day to follow the Oued Draa for some hundred km.

February 12th
A lot of sand today, but no one stuck in the sand.
It was really nice to drive through the small dunes and in the oued (river or riverbed), especially the fast part on the sebkha (dry lake).

February 13th
Mario has a bad back he would like to drive the next days on the road; but today we have to drive on a particular mad piste…in the middle of nowhere we met some German travelers, who I knew from Germany – the world is a village.
We had three controls by the military.

February 14th
We follow the track from a former “Paris-Dakar Raid” which was a kind of comfortable. Than we tried to make an off-road shortcut, to safe about 80 km. But the military stopped us and sent us back to make the long way, because this is a military area.
Back on the paved road we camped near a picturesque palmerie together with other travelers.

February 15th
This day we made 200 km on paved roads, found no gasstation and no bancomat…

February 16th
And another time we had to change our plans, in Zag where we wanted to go on a piste to the coast, there was another military zone, so they sent us back again, there was a shortcut allowed, but the others were not in the mood to go on this pist; so I went there by myself; we will met in Tan Tan Plage – inch Allah.
The piste is pretty soft, sandy and muddy, it has freshly rained… there were only stones when I had to change the oued.
to the coast

next day to follow the Oued Draa for some hundred km

February 8th

On a real mad piste we reached Menad where we hit the road to Zagora, we overnighted in the Draavalley near Timlassa.

February 9th
Zagora where we want to buy groceries for the next week for the big trip and let do some maintainance in a small workshop.

February 10th
Back in the workshop again; I need a new windshield....tomorrow inch Allah
at the port to the grand dessert

we overnighted in the Draavalley near Timlassa.

February 1st

A day to rest a little and make some maintenance…

February 2nd
We went to Boudenib to buy some groceries before we hit the piste to Erfoud. It’s nice to drive in the dessert again after long time abstinence.
Josie had a huge sandbox.

February 3rd
In Erfoud we got surprisingly cheap dieselfuel 65ct only. We had lunch in a restaurant, not everybody was happy about the food/
We overnighted in the dunes of the Erg Chebbi, had a folcloristic campfire whith some souvenir-dealers.

February 4th
We tried to cross the Erg Chebbi, which was not possible because of Miriams tires………So we through oued which is aside the erg.
We reached Merzouga after tea-invitation and shopping we went to a campground to do the laundry and so on.

February 5th
A day to maintaine the trucks, mounting a radio into Miriams truck and rest..

February 6th
We started towards Zagora after some 20kms we bought some bread and left then the Pavement and toll the southern piste to Zagora. This was not Miriam’s day. She sanded a coupple of times in.
At our overnightplace near Remlja visited us some nice and well educated children.

February 7th
In spite of a lot of sand we had the whole day no probs
our first stepps together in the dessert

We overnighted in the dunes of the Erg Chebbi

January 27th

After a nice night we bouht tickets again - they were this time a little over 300 Euros -, had a calm day waiting for the night when the ship should depart. We will see.

January 28th

We started just in time at midnight; we found no couches in the vessel contrair to what I expected. So it wasn’t a wondferfull night to sleep. We arrived in Melilla with an hour delay cause of the still stormy sea.
We joined the gasstation, whyich was a little more expensiv then we expected but still less then in Spain.

We passed the border within one hour, including Swineflue-certificate. So we a have reistered cars now; (fortunately they didn’t controlled my insurance) payed some Euros for competent help.

Heading southeast we made about 100 km today including buying fruits and bread, changing money and so on.

January 29th

After a night in the cold mountains we headed south direction Bouarfa overnighted somewhere in the high plains. The days getting warmer and nights colder, that’s a sign we are in the dessert.

January 30th

Bouarfa was a quite succesful stop, we bought cards for the cellphones, a UMTS stick for the computers, (hoping now to find a connection which is good enough to work with, not only waiting) did the groceries and met some peoble.

We some kms southeast took then the dirtroad to Menghoub.

January 31st

We decided to stay in this oued a day to make some reparations, to the laundry and so on.
We are still pretty high, the days are pretty and the night cold.
nous somme en Maroc

First rest in Maroc

January 22nd

After refilling water and a small breakfast we started at noon towards Andorra.

We went south on very narrow and winding roads made about 140km and found a nice place to overnight in the mountains.

After a long evening we had a late start in the morning of

January 23rd

We arrived in Andorra went for groceries, bought a stereo for Miriams truck and made the guy from the gas-station happy, we got the fuel cheaper and a bottle of Champange brut for each of us. After 140 km we stopped for the night few km after we passed Seu d’ Urgel still in the mountains about 1600m high.

January 24th

Less mountains and less to do we only drove so we made about 300 km. In the evening we saw the first minarett.

January 25th

We woke up earlier joined the no toll autovias and made 500 km through spectacular landscapes.

January 26th

We woke up early again after a whole night raining; so there was very deep dirt and I parked a little too far from the track, at least Mario towed me out of the clay, after the others reached the safe pavement.

We had a real thunderstorm with hail and all the goodies such a storm has.

In the afternoon we arrived in Almeria, we found it very easy to buy tickets for the same day; expectingly they were under 300 Euros.

As soon as the embarkingtime was coming they gave us the money back, told us maybe tomorrow when there are fewer storms the ship will go to Afrika. because of the slow internet this time only 1 pic

the afternoon we arrived in Almeria,

January 21st

Sun is shinning in Caumont le Neuf, which is very important…

I made a smal excursion with my brother to pickup some tools; on the way back we had to take a bypass because the way under the autoroute isn’t high enough…. This way is a dirt track and not wide enough so we slided into a field and made a little damage; so we had our sport in the noon.
Eingestellt von klausausadlitz um 17:37 ON THE ROAD AGAIN

January 18th

I started at high noon, went to Buchau where I bouht some good dark bread for road.

I made some 400 km on the German Autobahn and about 50 km in France where I overnighted in the Vosgues near Colmar.

January 19th

Woke up in the fog of the Alsac, which I joined throuh the valley of the Doubsriver till a few km before Besancon, there was only sun no cloud. Later I had fog again till Clermont Ferrand, which I passed in last sunbeams.

I went into the Massif Central where the autoroute goes over 1100m, which is high enough to promise a cold night…

we slided into a field and made a little damage