Re: Between roots and fruits

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Thu Oct 11, 2007 3:22 pm  

Dear Erhard n0by,
thank you for your reply, I understand that you have not written to me or talked to me on the phone. Glad the money reached you. Spend it with Miema on nice food.

I got your phonecall today, I mean I was not in, but my flatmate took it, I didīt know it was you.

Feel free to call me anytime if you like. I would, like you also, like to abstain from further physical meetings, it would not be good for your relationship with Miema, and as I have told you I am not open for you in erotic manners.

I hope you are really better with the stomach, but I remember that you threw up /pukd the day after we met also, because you had too much sun. Maybe you had too much sun before you went to work after your holy days?

I am glad I met such a generous person like you and your wife Miema, much appreciated. You both have taught me so much.

With much love and acceptance.


Mima's Christmas Market Candles
and her car 'Sea Cow'

 10-15: Sunday walk near our home at little part of Isar River

Mima with autumn tree on Sunday sunny walk

 Mima sits on a balustrade of this brook bridge