Re: Between roots and fruits

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Tue Oct 9, 2007 11:44 am 

dear n0by,
my deepest compassion for your situation and I hope your mother can enjoy life in spite of all things around her and learn the lessons she wasn`t able to learn earlier. May all of you be blessed with love , divine love, personal love.
You told a little story about money, and that old people have to steal sometimes to get hold of some money. It makes me very sad. It is like children. I remember I was stealing a little money from my mother`s "milk cup" in which she saved coins to pay for the daily milk man. I got myself an "Easter Rabbit", a cuddly toy at the small local shop and some chocolate, I felt so happy so unbelievably enriched. Yet also guilty. And to be in the same position of having to steal for something little and nice is so disturbing and even disgusting, it could make me through up. Hopefully neither of us will have to face such a reality should we get that age. Dear n0by, your little money story reminds me of a letter I sent to you on September 1st. I sent 60 Euros with it, for expenditure you had on the meeting etc. and for your nice services also. Please let me know if you have received the money. Thank you in advance, sometimes the postmen steal too, you know. I was wandering already when I was sending it.

With love and gratitude,

my deepest compassion for your situation