Who am I George from kartar

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Wed Oct 5, 2005  5:22 am    

Thanks for the welcome to the house of madness. Yes I know " it " is always available " Here & Now " it,s just that during working hours I,m required to follow rules and regulations that restrict my process of being. Sounds like an excuse doesn,t it ? However, I do quite often experience that detachment from my mind or that separation. It,s just that I,ve been conditioned to follow certain scientific principles at work which I find restricting, a type of prison in the name of science. Yes I am a witness to whatever goes on but sometimes can,t help reacting to the situation, but this is okay, not a problem. Just Ego. I work in a laboratory, a mad scientist if you will, Dextor,s Laboratory. I must admit some of my insights have come when I,ve been totally relaxed, when I,ve dropped all effort. So mind is the obstacle.



That,s great your doing the mirror meditation. The experience in that particular method is very trippy. I remember when I first started doing it, it was like i was looking at something evil at first. Heaps and heaps of light, very strong, kinda freaky at the beginning. Wonder what happens when your image disappears?   Here,s mud in ya eye
George. Cheers amigo.