Kartar, Shunyam

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Thu Apr 27, 2006  5:54 am

Re: Status, Power and Social Closure In Sannyas Groups

Guruji n0by

It is good to have you here at Osho_Osho and have learnt a lot from you in the past. For this I thank you. Personally I am impressed by the way you express yourself. You seem to have a knack for reassessing and developing ideas with your own personal comical twist that has made me laugh so many times.

Guruji n0by your behaviour is both interesting and motivated as well as objective. Your actions are emotional and spontaneous, yet continously repetitive. Is this your method Guruji n0by ? Are you really enlightened n0by like some of us feel or is this another of
your methods?

Love you n0by
Sw Shunyam Kartar