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Thu Mar 30, 2006  3:46 am

Sai: Hello Rasa. I am not seeking to fight with you here..I do not wish for that. I find it very 'wrong' though, to misrepresent, or cast somebody in a bad light. You may well not be doing this intentionally - I don't think that you are in fact. But I feel a need to respond, to clear Onniko's name here.

This is how it is...or how it was: Circumstances arose, whereby Alton gave 'EF' to me. He left the group, and then he returned. When he gave me the group, I told him that even though I was the owner...I considered it his. And if at any time he wanted to take the group over again, he only had to 'say the word'. He did come back - return to the group, after a while. I asked him if he wanted to take the reins ... he was content to not do so; but he was made a moderator.

Sometime later.. he ''found' you. And, well you know the rest. He wanted to give the group to you - dedicate it to you. But he asked me if it was ok first, and what did I think? Being that I had always told him that I considered the group 'his', and after some wavering, to cut a story short.. I told him that if that was what he 'really' wanted, then my desire was for his desire to be fulfilled.

Alton made two of your 'devotess', co-owners, and the group was dedicated to you - with your picture on the front page, and the description of the group, written in honour of you.

So in effect, the group was given to you. Onniko had already left the group. I was planning on following.. but I held out...thought i'd just keep my foot in the door, just in-case Alton changed his mind - changed his opinion of you, and then came to regret, losing the group. I was only planning on staying for a short while, and then leaving, handing it totally over to Sharon.

Events happened..

Alton didn't approve of your 'anti-Sarlo' site/group, and as you know, neither did I. It was only then...after I had asked you to please stop 'that', and your refusal of doing so, that I took control back.

So the group was yours, 'really', Rasa. And as I said, Onniko had left at this point. She didn't agree with the 'anti-site', and niether did I. I realized that by me not acting, well that meant that I was really condoning it. That's when I wrote to you with the ultimatum. If you had stopped that 'war', Exclusive would be now in your hands.

Now the group is no more, and I am regretful of that. It was a real nice group of sincere people, and I am very sad that my stupidness caused it to vanish.

I've just seen 'Jen' here, and Flemming is here...I don't know who else - aside from Alton. But to you guys, and anyone else that maybe here, who was a member, I feel to say, sorry to you all.