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Mon Jan 9, 2006 8:28 pm    


I am not sure who you are but I would like to know more about you. Thanks a lot for the nice piece you did for us with the photos put together on the goons. I know you do a lot of posting so I would consider an alliance with you and will give you many more links to post on which I own & or moderate.

What do you know about Sarlo and his cruel goons? They have trashed me pretty bad - just as they did formerly to Swami G.

They have trashed me pretty bad

I only banned you from one group because I had no idea what you were talking about and that group was only to talk about seeing God face to face......I Saw God & Lived.....and I did not know who you were & it did not fit in. That is my smallest group with only 56 people so it is no big deal. I have groups with THOUSANDS of people.

My question is DO YOU WANT TO WORK TOGETHER AGAINST THE GOONS? If you are allied with my 'army' would you refrain from calling me names & all that & be a real ally? Then I will give you the links to about 10 more groups which I own, moderate or am allies with which you can post on. This will be the biggest spiritual war on the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know......
Your hopeful ally,

GuruRasa Von Werder

This will be the biggest spiritual war on the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps I am looking for information on the goons. They have chewed me up & spit me out - they did the same to other gurus. No one stood up to them but me. They have a monopoly on the game, and there was no institution which stood against them. Now we have the anti group and they are all soiling their underwear. These evil, loud, scornful macho men have turned into a bunch of fairies, screaming that they will get me deleted, take me to court, that I must apologize & all sorts of nonsense. These numnuts are really a bunch of evil clowns with no sense of humor. They get a thrill out of hurting people like me - they are sadists, really evil stuff. But I am fighting back with all that I have. I need information and images by which to humiliate, ridicule them as they have done to gurus. Images of them in drag, and stuff like that. Police records, if any, strange sexual behavior etc. Anything to embarrass them. So let me know if you know anything.

Police records, if any,