The Alien Comes Home To An Alien Homecoming

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Wed Jun 11, 2008 8:31 pm     

In a nameless city
2 cars run over an old
man, leave him
bleeding on the street

no one stops;

in a far-away-from
the inhabitants are
preparing for the
survival of the fittest;

no one is watching;

in every continent on
God's green earth,
entrails are splitting apart
Humanity spits
on Gaia's face

no one cares;

the doomsayers shout
"The sky is falling."
and pundits everywhere
turn away
no shame
no blame

and no one notices

in monkey suits
are nodding
and shaking their heads
in disbelief,


how to end the game,
the experiment
a failure
of biblical proportions

their sorrow,
and constant.


"The sky is falling."