A Funeral In Germany

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Wed Apr 23, 2008 6:31 pm    

I should hate you,

but you're dead, you see,

and your grave lies across

this angry sea of me,

you've done it

without my consent,

I'm a fool's fool and all I have left

is this final black-shawled poetic lament,


You wrote your own ending, you said:

"six months or so is all I have.", and for all

the hungry samurai ghosts of enlightenment,


you forgot to change the dates

just in case

I came running to you, ahead of myself,

to love you with every pore of my being,

"six months or so is all I have."

and today is your funeral, I am not there

to eulogize and patronize your sudden departure,

I am not there to shed tears while singing your praises

and mocking your soul,


I am here weeping inside this soft bleeding tissue

of carnal flesh,

dismissed and unfulfilled like yesterday's dreams

I am adrift in a woeful ocean,

terrified to live without you,

without your love.



here weeping inside