"All journeys, be they imaginative or geographic,
are made sense of through a person's ability
to create his life like a peice of art."

Loreena McKennett

Journey to Melville Primary School 1966


1.The act of traveling from one place to another; a trip.
2.A process or course likened to traveling; a passage: the journey of life.
(The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language,
Third Edition copyright © 1992)

Journey into an Afghan refugee camp on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border (Peshawar) 1993

Journey up the mast as crew on the square-rigged Leeuwin II, 1996

Journey to the waterfall that wasn't supposed to be ... (Northern Queensland 1998)

Journey inside Algeria, 1981.

Journey into ....

A sky full of billowing cumulus clouds. A tiny, black cloaked figure. Face hidden. A dark turbulent ocean. Bleak and ominous. But the figure seems undaunted; its concentration fixed hard on something. Was he looking for something out on the far horizon of the ocean? A ship that might have been wrecked by the storms that threatened this gloomy landscape eternally? One thing was sure; this was the end of the earth. Either the last place on earth, or the apocalypse at the end of time. Or just The End. Any kind of End will do. Still, I can't take my eyes off the figure, watching and waiting for a clue ...
... Slowly I become aware that a tiny yellow leaf has appeared in the clouds and another on the back of my hand. I look up and see the giant poinciana tree above, and the little black and red birds hopping around its branches. Beyond the tree the sky is blue and clear, indicating the end of the monsoon and the beginning of the most comfortable season in India. I glance back at the cover of the book I'd found earlier in the hotel room, and brush the leaf away. In contrast to the picture on the front-cover, my surrounding are anything but bleak. Colourful flowering trees shelter the ten or so acres of private paradise in lush gardens with marble pyramid buildings. I was back at my ashram again. And it felt great ...