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From: "sarah" <sarahwh@........>
Date: Wed Nov 26, 2003 9:18 am
Subject: Osho vs the americans
It all started turning bad when Amrito got Osho out of a bussing Love Commune in 1981 and into neo fascistic America. It did cut Osho`s life short by 20 years and it destroyed the First Commune of the New Man just when it was completed.


Ramarshi, others,
Haven't you ever questioned this?? The main 'culprits' were Osho himself and his coterie! Osho was addicted to N20 plus valium, which slowly deteriorated his health and mind. He became paranoid and delusional as time went on. He then died from euthanasia .... suicide. If you really do your research this is what you will discover; ie the obvious!