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Mon May 3, 2004  8:34 am

dear deva

wish i knew some women who could play on this list, but it's sort of a selective arena and i don't spend much other internet time on yahoo at all. noby's probably tried to invite a lot of women - maybe the predominantly male crew here could ask as an exercise in group psychodynamics - why is this an almost female-free zone?

i could think of a few reasons, some of which noby has mentioned along the way, but it'd be more fun to see what the boys make of this question. and if this group could even drive someone as involved as cmd away, well, that must demonstrate something about something perhaps?! perhaps not too...

liked your comment about doctor nurse conversations as applied to your online medical conversations with blessingsac lol. love to you deva, i enjoy the occasional interactions we have here.

and it is cool that freyja is here, at least for a little while.


why is this an almost female-free zone?