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Fri Jan 9, 2004  9:36 pm

dear noby,
my advice: stop listening to Eminem. I know He is Your Secret Guru. fascistic whining with no Real Alternative - that is the Eminem Bhakti Path.
dear noby,
a Hug from me, dear Walrus. a Hug to Minamai start listening to some Real Music - you've got Plenty. stop channeling Eminem in your writing Prose.
You write like an Angel and Think like a Demon. as long as Eminem is your Guru, this will appear still.
Play the Piano for Your Beloved Mimi give Eminem-thinking-style a rest. Relax, relax - stop fighting a senseless Fight. accept some feedback from the group, even if it hurts you a little. spend some nights with Your Woman, instead of on the computer. my love to you, my love to Mimi c u around, maybe not in hyperspace as you persist in silly drivle there so c'mon Noby - show us your Real Self. don't get lost down paranoic Pathways 
kisses sweet to Your Lotus Feet

fascistic whining with no Real Alternative