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Mon Aug 11, 2003  1:15 pm

Dear n0by,

I didn't know you were into Tibetan Healing,

Do you really believe that?

Please Herr n0by will you at least mention my name on your site(I mean on that list). I don't want to be anonymous. Please.

I am not into Gurumania anymore. Look I don't believe in enlightment, I was just after a job. Ok?

I never was part of that new-man stuff. I went to Oregon for 14 days, and guess what, some highshot told me kids should go to the school there, and guess what. They didn't want me there also. So I am as angry as you are. And I'll tell you a secret, when Bhagwan did his driveby show, where you had to namaste, when he past me he got scared. I swear. He was smilling, suddenly almost got white for a split second. I was just doing my thing. Maybe I am part of that black magic thing he was
so scared of.

I actually never smile, those picture I sent you before, were the very rare ones on which I attempted a smile.