love, freedom, hate and slavery

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Tue Nov 4, 2003 11:04 am


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From: Dave Yarner <gunsnbuddha@y...>
Date: Tue Nov 4, 2003 11:04 am
Subject: Re: [n0by] love, freedom, hate and slavery

well,knobby,you're just a little bit cynical huh? cynical is one thing,being a nasty ass punk is another.............and somehow,that's all the bob&nob mob can come up with.pramod fits right in....he might not be of the same opinion yet...but the advanced stage of self delusion and phoney chest thumping should be left were it belongs.....behind some desk in a cubicle,glaring at the monitor.yes i understand that such a life is acually slow death in daily doses.....kissing up to the boss,hoping that one day you might be able to use the executive bathroom. since that will never happen,you turn into someone knobby being that wannabe journalist.... that is forced to sell snakeoil,eeh,insurance,the bob being the fakest buddha ever,but who couldn't find his own asshole if asked .....aaaannnnnuuuuuuppppammmmoooooo, they're picking on me and of course mr adventure himself, pencilneck geek and wanna be .the derisve laughter he hears all the time behind his back is his real would be dangerous to his fake=ness.... and ,btw,the other day i talked about alpha-females and your ignorance about claimed that your woman is also alph.....but from where i'm sitting she looks more like obsolete farm equipment.......i sure hope she knows how to pull a plow...... looking forward to my visit to munich.........