n0by and nazism

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Fri Dec 12, 2003 6:54 am

From: "eric paroissien" <vertvetiver@y...>
Date: Fri Dec 12, 2003 6:54 am
Subject: n0by and nazism

in France wherever you look in history of WWII you see meanness, cowardice, betrayal, (indifference was the powerful ally of nazism) ...well... humans you see, whenever the situation gets tough the whole neurotic structure of individuals unable to accept that anyone exists apart from their little greedy needs (which can never be noble because they are too puny). but the wonder of it is how they managed to dodge the issue of their dark bloodthirsty shadow so skillfully when WWII ended, rewriting the whole history, having fixed the number of the bad elements in the population to a meager quota of 10%, and no more would be tolerated because we had to rebuild the good-heart nation by closing our eyes on our miserable past attitudes... but Germany stayed stuck with the fucking shadow, America's mastery in propaganda was going to take the world over... nowadays the nazi meanness is the clearest on the net, the group attitudes, the wolfpacking, total strangers that can hardly bear each other in daily dullness that suddenly identify each other as brothers and sisters since ever when the black sheep appears and the taste of blood makes the group dribble in unison... why don't we see a Hitler appear anew in such propitious circumstances?
they are all over, but they saw where the first ur-Hitler took the heat and what in his image sucked up too much of his energy
efficiency and how to keep a low profile while enjoying power. this is what ur-Hitler taught unintentionally to his followers, keep the profile lower and enjoy power more because the potential of group- slavery in human is a bottomless source of joy for the real masters if you let them believe they are nice folks in a free democracy.