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From:  "eric paroissien" <vertvetiver@a...> 
Date:  Sun Nov 23, 2003  6:26 pm
Subject:  Baby Jean-Claude Sweet Brother

Baby Jean-Claude is added to the photos; Baby Jean-Claude, although a boy, is dressed as a girl because up north in France where i come from, the Devil goes from craddle to craddle to abduct little boys, so to cheat him we dress them as little girls; most people have forgotten this reason but still do dress baby boys as girls; Jean-Claude is my mother's brother; the story of Jean-Claude is a little sad, he was all goodness and a little weak to augurie's insults; he was born during the war while my grand-father Albert was working in Germany... so when Albert came back home he could never believe the boy was his and never touched him, and called him, not Jean-Claude but, "the little bastard", "hey 'the little bastard' go buy the bread!", Jean-Claude saw a sudden sunshine in his life when a simple pretty girl, Maryse, loved him and they married and had Stephane a splendid boy (i'll give the picture another day); but Maryse, it appeared later was mostly interested in Jean-Claude's position at the Ministry of the Armies which was for any girl a splendid opportunity to move to Paris and have the modern life; soon after they moved to Paris she found a parisian and left Jean-Claude and took the boy away. Jean-Claude had nothing in his life but this little boy and he got so sad, and he started to drink and Maryse started to refuse him to meet his boy, and he got sadder. Jean-Claude the pure soul of love, finally died in his small lonely apartment in Paris rue Lecourbe in a mess of despair, beer and vomit; his tombstone is just a naked plate with no decoration nothing writen on it in the greyness of the north. only the memory of few can say:

"this is the place where Jean-Claude the baby bastard rests"