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Tue Feb 10, 2004  12:46 pm


What is the benefit of Seclusion ?

The Separation from Hindrances.
The Relinquishment of Afflictions.
The Fearlessness of mental Freedom.
The Joy of sweet & silent Solitude.
The Happiness of open Awareness.
The Serene Bliss of inward Calm.
The Gaining of much Merit.
The Making of great Fruition.
The Reaching of higher States.

These are the inherent advantages of renunciation.
Going Forth is thus the best of all states leading
enterily beyond all three levels of existence.

Thus this Noble Life remains Supreme.
Yeah! Verily, indeed & exactly so.
So come forward friends.
You will never regret it!



All yours in the Dhamma.
Peace is Ease.
Bhikkhu Samahita, Ceylon.