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The Good Friend!

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Tue Jan 13, 2004  11:16 am

The Buddha said: 

Friends, one should cultivate the Good Friend, who has the Seven Qualifications. 

What Seven ? 

He gives what is hard to give. 
He does what is hard to do. 
He bears what is hard to bear. 
He lays open his own secrets. 
He keeps other's secrets safe. 
When any is needed, he never fails. 
When one is ruined, he never despises. 

Even though he may drive you away, keep on following him, since such Noble one - always motivated by the welfare of all beings - is genial, pleasant, serious, refined, a revealer, of profound speech, a patient listener who never - at any occasion - guide you wrongly ... 


All yours in the Dhamma.
Peace is Ease.
Bhikkhu Samahita, Ceylon.