Egmond aan Zee, 12 June 1992

Dear Ati,

I received both your letter and a letter from Akaam. First, let me say to you that I deeply appreciate the work you have been doing in Canada, and the results have been clear for us. I'm sure Osho is proud. I asked you to spread our work in Canada, and you are doing it. Thank you.

Many years ago I got into a conflict with members of our organization, and I appealed to Bhagwan at the time for help. His message was very clear to me. He said to drop the personal trips - that carrying on his work was the most important thing. And that for me means love, awareness and responsibility.

In the early days of working with people, when anybody challenged me, I was willing to fight. Personally, I have learnt and can afford to be patient and tolerant, because I have set it up this way in my life. And what I hear from you - you have created a situation where you come across sounding guilty, and this guy Akaam is screaming that he's got you by the balls. And I feel like a judge in the middle trying to make a healthy decision for all of us. The fact is there will always be an Akaam coming in and out of your life. The only difference will be your attitude. And love has to be the answer. Have as many coffees as necessary with Akaam.

I look forward to working with both of you when I come.

Veeresh from his Web-Page