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Sun Jun 8, 2008 12:28 am  

Personal physical contact only happened briefly at the ranch, pre-"enlightenment." My attitude arose largely in the days when he was setting up his business. He had been sitting in his room in the Sunderban Hotel strategically located next door behind Osho's podium, and sending out the enlightened energy that was keeping the buddhafield afloat now that Osho was physically gone. The commune / resort authorities eventually leaned on the Sunderban enough to get him booted, and this launched him on his next phase.

He sent spam to all the centers complaining about his ill treatment. I was involved with a center at the time and many recipients didn't want to hear any more and tried to block him (some letting him know using the reply-to-all feature) but he just got a new email address every day and bragged about getting past their puny filters.

That was it for him afaiwc. What an aggressive crock.

After i rated him as bogus he had the effrontery (stupidity?) to send me a review copy of his then-latest book. So i reviewed it, preserved at http://www.globalserve.net/~sarlo/Ybhaskar1.htm

This is a segment of the review, all his words actually, from a chapter called "Beyond Advaita."

"Advaita is refined spiritual logic based on the enlightened experience of oneness. It is very helpful to understand the set-up. Advaita is as far as intelligence can go, but there is more. Only when God, the beyond, contacts you directly and verbally, do you really know that He exists and can comunicate.[sic -- attn proofreaders]

This happens rarely and is the subject of controversy. All messengers and prophets are disbelieved initially; their friends and family often think they must have gone a little crazy. Unenlightened people also hear the voice of God. He guides and directs many people through their inner voice.

Full verbal contact with God is another thing altogether.

It happens rarely and is called God-realization.

It is given only to enlightened ones.

In the first stage God makes verbal contact and directs your life. He replaces your enlightened intuition with direct guidance. In the second stage you merge with God and there is almost no distinction between you and Him.

In the third stage you dissolve totally in God.

In the third stage you cannot function independently. You have lost your volition and have disappeared in God. Practically this means He manages everything for you, and you are totally helpless and vulnerable.

The experience of being totally in the hands of God is the greatest blessing and freedom.

You have lost all control forever."

He has subsequently toned down the grandiose crap but i remain unimpressed.

Love, Sarlo