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Wed Feb 6, 2008 5:36 am 


Hey Sarlo you didn't go back far enough to catch the post by simon
brace so you insinuate that I am a liar. So you put me on moderation
again as if I give a fuck. You are acting like a tinpot authoritarian
when in fact you are an arseole.

Yes I am obsessed with bringing down pedophiles and their supporters
like simon brace, or least shutting up him up, with regard to this.
Already myself and associates have saved many a child from
molestation and actually cost sai baba in the millions if not the
billions. I'm afraid your miserable little empire is not a floating
turd in comparision.

As Toombs rightly assessed most of the GR ers are a bunch of idiots
with verbal diarohea, not really interested in 'real discussion'.

Lets see you post this Sarlo. And grow up you are not Osho's arsehole
and only run a insignificant site on yahoo...........Tony