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Sat Oct 7, 2006 9:01 pm  

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> Sannaysnews is certainly the place to go if u r interested in Parmartha's peculiar views about Osho: how He was a drugaddict and how He killed Himself by His insatiable hunger for nitrous oxide, afterwards lying about being poisoned while in US-custody.
> And it's a true goldmine if u r hooked on n0by's vision: that sannyas is fascism and Osho another Stalin; and like to see Osho's timeless wisdom characterized as 'lecture slime'.

Love Heeren

Seen in that light, i should consider it an honour to be labelled by him as a Stalin myself.

It should be noted that noby's work has included having a picture on his group's home page (now gone) suggesting the commonality of Osho, A Hitler and Freddie Krueger, of the interminable horror series.

Is anyone attracted by that?

Love, Sarlo