[LeavingOsho] Break-through for noby's flack

From: Sarlo <sarlo@g...> 
Date: Mon Oct 11, 2004 4:18 am 
Subject: Re: [LivingOsho] Break-through for noby's flack

I did miss your humour entirely, though perhaps for different reasons than what you imagine.

Yes, you can go on moderation. If you want to call yourself a hero or martyr for that, that's your right.

From my side, i am simply trying to keep a fun list, where people can feel comfortable sharing. Noby does not belong, and since i view attempts to promote him as more of the same disease, and since it's my list and since i am no longer beholden to a continuing group who think it's their list, that's more or less the end of the story.

Love, Sarlo