<-Okay, okay! (Attn: Ramarshi & Anupamo)

Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 13:25:18 -0700
   From: Sarlo <sarlo@.......>
Subject: Okay, okay! (Attn: Ramarshi & Anupamo)

I'd say a consensus has emerged, at least for the moment. So we will try the experiment of making R post under his own steam. This will have the practical effect of:
a) Making Ramarshi subscribe as himself
b) Preventing Anupamo from posting anything but her own words.

Contrarians and anti-rule types everywhere can have a field day with this if they choose, in a number of ways. There will be those who follow the excellent example of Suviro and fwd R themselves (perhaps, deliciously, by forwarding A forwarding R). Or A may choose to send R as her own words. Or R may fwd A (insert infinite regression here). Or there may be many more possibilities.

To make my work as simple as possible, i will put A on moderation and block all her posts that explicitly contain remarks from R, but not try to guess if it is not explicit, nor attempt to edit out R. A's posts will come whole or not at all, and the criterion will be if they explicitly contain R.

Love, Sarlo