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Mon Mar 26, 2007 2:55 pm

Howdy Pradhira,

I love it when you wish Suviro well. I trust that you wouldn't suggest to him to do something intelligent if you would consider it to be beyond his capacity. You are assertive, but not cruel. :-)

It's true that cross-posting is not encouraged, but it is not entirely forbidden either.
Crossposting can be irrelevant or it can be interesting and relevant in the context of a group like this one. I have often cross-posted meself; me forwarding the link to the Sheela videos is but one example.

But, the message cross-posted by Kumari, even though written with a sannyas context in mind, is authored by Noby, who's not allowed to post here. It makes matters a tad more confusing. Apparently Kumari can't help but spread her perplexed vibes around.

Now, I could jump on it and reprimand, going by the book (acting like Suviro's policeman). Or I could take Kumari's particular state of mind into consideration and refrain from acting like a robot.

Apparently Kumari is trying to find a way to ease herself out of her uncomfortable state; and she may be thinking (and feeling), that since Sheela and Noby both are outcasts in the world of sannyas, then if Sheela is allowed to have her say, why not Noby.

Kumari knows Noby is not allowed to post here, but apparently the content of Noby's message is relevant to her; the message she forwarded, she feels, has something of worth to convey, and this in a context of sannyas, perhaps the elicited feedback will shed light, and the ensuing understanding calm down her emotional turmoil.

So, after due consideration of every facet of this complicated case I am aware off, this time, I'll cover it with the cloak of charity...

This brings up the issue of rules. Are there no rules then, anything goes here? Of course not. With even a bit of understanding it's unlikely that you will murder Suviro, for example.
I should rather say that there are suggestions here, not rules. There's only one suggestion in fact, notably to be aware and act accordingly. Awareness implies that what's wrong at one time may be right at another.

In the past there has been endless discussions as to what the guidelines of this group should be and I chose the quote on the homepage to put an end to the "confusion of the tongues" assuming the awareness (witnessing) recommended in it covers everything, it being intrinsic and basic to everything you can imagine happening or done, the 112 meditations including the path of love...

It's a nice, warm and sunny spring today.