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Wed Feb 7, 2007 10:51 am


Not really. I wish he had. I could then have dropped my ego then and there like a hot potatoe.
The subject of Noby and his antics have been discussed on and off for a period of more than 10 years.
To me it's like beating a dead horse. Been there, done that.
Kumari, we (you and I) have even been discussing all of this at your Soulseek group a while ago.
I see you haven't changed one bit in how you feel about this.
Nothing of what I've said you take into account.
This is like Noby goes about things; I can talk to him until the end of me breath and me face turns bleu. But he keeps going on the way he does as if I didn't say anything.
It is very simple. Noby feels that groups like his own are good, he feels that sannyas groups are bad. Ergo, his kind of groups are to be promoted, sannyas groups have to be destroyed.
I wonder whether you've been following discussions about Noby at the OshoWestAustralia group? Noby efficiently destroyed this group until he was finally banned.
I know he behaves differently in his own group. In his own group his behaviour is more civilized; consequently members there (like you for example) can't believe what is done to him in sannyas goups. Clever!