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> Dear Hariprem,
> Have you feel the positive pain of Sudesh?
> love - yatry

Hi Yatry,
Assuming that your question is not a joke -- Sudesh is one sick 
puppy, and is desperate to get into EN as a participating member 
because we have lots of vulnerable, open, sharing people on the list, 
on whom he can practice his psychic vampire act. He's obsessed with 
the EN list, and with me, because I won't let him come in here and 
wreck the place. If that's "censorship", so be it. I prefer that 
to the kind of "freedom" that causes the sannyas lists to turn into 
an online version of "Lord of the Flies".
Something has happened to Osho's movement -- the ugliness, the 
narcissism, the exploitiveness, the sadomasochism -- this is a recent 
phenomenon. This is not what I remember of Osho's time on earth, and 
I hope like hell that this is not what is going to be represented to 
the world as Osho's legacy. And it won't be, at least, on *this* 

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