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From the official Jonathan A.K.A. 

If feel compelled to make some sort of statement concerning a on going 2 and a half year conflict that has be residing with Veronique. This statement is not meant to be a full collection of the facts just an outline. I did go out with Veronique two or three times at a very low period of my life when my long-term girl friend and I had split up. However I got back together with the long-term girl friend and as fate would have it Veronique saw us together, without me having informed Veronique. That was wrong and I have continually- offered my apology for any pain caused right from the beginning. 

I have received hundreds of phone calls from Veronique: at which time I decided to complain to the police: which I do and have records of. This only drove Veronique underground. I started receiving Royal Mail addressed to fictitious people with correlating correspondence on the Internet usually from addresses. Anyway maybe 20 different addresses have been used to contact me and sites around the world. The sum of the content is that I am a one balled, 2-inch penis, evil, criminal intent on destroying woman and all of humanity! This I have found amusing if not sad. If it where not for the fact that friends and acquaintes have been harassed by Veronique I would not feel the need to make any comment. 

However David Oshana has been attacked for knowing me (as best I can work out) and I must try to make some statement to let people know that. The other people involved may wish to pursue this matter in a different way, which is their right and choice! 

I have not done anything in public for 2.5 years hoping this would die down, but from the horses mouth I have been informed that she is intent on destroying my life and David's! However I am in he healing business and this has been what has manifest so in conclusion I would like to offer anyone a free copy of my book (E-mail me at that took 1.5 years to write. Which covers 10 years of my life; you decide who I am. If you want more stuff to post on new web sites about me I would suggest this is a good resource. My only hope is that by reading the controversial book "seeds of love" is that love and healing can take place. I thank Veronique for the lessons that have taught me to love more. 

My love to all: especially Veronique. 

Jonathan: being one... 
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