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Diverting off-topic posts away from sannyasnews.com community noticeboard and to the Chatboard 

Hi Sarlo

I didn't post the first the message though it was posted using my name. I would have thought that was obvious. 

The sannyasnews.com community noticeboard is not for the purpose of gossip - all of which so far has been unsubstatiated, anonymous, inaccurate and trivial. Posters who wish to discuss issues can register at the sannyasnews.com ChatBoard. 

The Bela post from the sannyas-list I had not seen until you posted it. It is surreally accurate and I do not believe that it has come from a 'friend' of Bela's boyfriend. My feeling is that a bored troll is trying to start a a 'food-fight' in the London Sannyasin community knowing that some sannyas are excited by my approach to enlightenment. 

As far as Bela goes - she did have an Awakening, and it may have closed down. The last time I spoke to her was not on the phone and this contradicts the anonymous poster's claims. 

If there was a serious issue I would gladly deal with it if it were constructive and beneficial to the readership. 

After spending the last 9 weeks teaching in America I am quite amused to welcomed by a fanfare of frenetic posts from probably just one person who obviously has never met me but is stalking me through the Internet. I am inclinedto take this as a good sign that I am reaching people and that this person is gaining some therapy. 

Maybe it's because I am a very accessible teacher of enlightenment. 

There are a lot of hurt seekers out there - mostly casualties from the 70's & 80's. Perhaps, they were not well matched with their teachers, and now their guru-rage/envy is just breaking. 


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