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28. Mickey Mouse

The happy Ears-Mouse on two legs symbolizes life, love, laughter more than centuries of pain-racked masochists at crucifixes.

The unconscious ones get caught in power, brutality and force, the illness of the ego. They not yet suspect the universe-unity of the existence.

They still run in circles of  greed, still hang at goods' ornament - some up to the death. However Pharaonens vanish like their monuments, the pyramids.

The 19. January 1997, the celebration seven years after Bhagwans death, doesn't get HIM back on HIS  chair into the Buddha-Halle again.

What lives however eternally? The alive consciousness, the Mickey Mouse.

The grinning Ears-Mouse remains immortal because it nurses its hunger with joy like a stirrer.

Mickey-Mouse feeds itself and experiences everything always and everywhere. If gigantic cat-claws grave after Mickey, it finds a way out.

The nature of all Enlightened Ones is that of Mickey-Mouse. Bhagwan also was a Mickey-Mouse. You can replace your Mala with a Mickey-Mouse T-Shirt. That means the same: You crawl fast and quickly out of each danger.

Carnival-Poona Bhagwans Death-Day: January, 19th 1997

Mickey Mice play each imaginable practical joke in life frolicly, move, dance, stick never on glue.

The Cat engulfs it with a last quiek. However never a cat catches an enlightened Mickey-Mouse. And cats are much too lazy to get inspiration, what to say about Enlightenment? Never the cat does Dynamic Meditation, Mickey Mice are Dynamic Meditation! Mickey Mice illuminate themselves, and by that act, they fall automatically from the cat-zen-feed-chain, inevitably.

The way to Sannyas is like from the gray house-mouse to the Hollywood-Disney-Land Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mice think so quickly that not even its own running race can compete with it. If Mickey Mice speak, they laugh with it even if they yell.

The perfectly Mickey Mouse still reminds happiness even when death comes in the claws of the cat even when the cat squashes the last drop of life from Mickey.

Mickey-Mouse reaches to this ultimate courage because it runs fearlessly for truth and freedom, life and love. Osho with handcuffs proved Mickey-Mouse-Strength in the cat-claws of power.

Beside safely movements through the cats-meeting, Mickey Mouse finds freedom-of-speech. Laughes the cat, the claws loosen itself, and Mickey Mouse is out again and still runs free.

Carnival-move, 19. Januar 1997

In the Ashram, the power-cats think why Mickey-Mice are fast, happy and foreseeing.

Finally the situation improves in the Ashram: The antiquated metall-detector-barrier, a relic of the 70-ier years, that belongs into the Bhagwan-Reliquary-Museum, remains covered.

Yesterday Swami Devagit still snaps:

" All in now into the Buddha-Halle! It gets too late " 



A Swami muttered against it:


Swami Devageet (from his Web-Site)

"Go in or be doomed forever!"

With Bhagwans Death-Celebration, the white snake stood waiting for entrance to the WRB from 6.00 p.m. from Mariams. Another improvement: the 10.000 Buddhas had to squeeze themselves with all force into the foyer. No longer, Mickey: Mickey Mice were allowed to celebrate outdoors. With the appearance of the filling moon you lie on a bank outside royally happily - and you sleep.

You can rest from the exhausting carnival-move and the sunbath-dance under the pyramids nearby the Buddha-Halle. You may have got a lightly sunstroke in the Indian winter-sun. But you quickly recover. Japanese silver-pills, silence and sleep help.

One 79-Poona-I-Ma, Ma Mallika, has arrived over Goa from Munich. Her first day in the Ashram is a big disappointment. What do all the people still do here, she asks? Big loves is required and otherwise?

The female Ashram-Energie gives all your freedom. You do not have to fulfill Matrimonial duties for intolerant, dominating, graspingly Ashram-Mas - not anymore. Maybe, they have enough? Maybe it is more important for them, to care for their age-precaution?

29. Geschwätz und Gerücht  (continues in German)