<-Monte Carlo

Enough fantasia! Back on the road again. Mimamai as courageous truck driver in direction to Monte Carlo. Mima's car is licensed a truck. In the front are three people allowed to sit.

The streets are heavy crowed on this luxurious part of the beach, where famous places like Cannes and Saint Tropez attract customers with Porsche, Maserati and Ferrari.

Mimamai wants to visit Monte Carlo. So we leave the little street at the coast, go on the high way for about 50 Kilometers and soon we drive down through the highly crowed area of Monte Carlo. Downtown, next to the harbour we find a free parking place. Direct next corner is the local Ferrari dealer, brand new red little sport cars in the window. The place before his showroom is from marble. Two occasions stand there - no price written on the cars.

We admire the ships in the harbour. My memory has not stored, ever seen such luxury! Even the chrome plated telescope ladders to climb on board, will cost some thousand Dollars.

Monte Carlo - Harbour

Luxury, power and prison

Monte Carlo - before the Harbour a public pool

Inside the ship are stored two other ships like bikes to ride over the sea. The huge armchairs are covered with white plastic planes. Several men polish the arm rails around the ship.

Changing shirt for Monte Carlo

Ship for sale

chrome plated telescope ladders

In front of the harbour is a big swimming pool for the public people. They charge only 4 Euros to swim. We wander around two hours, buy food and wine in the super market. All luxury food for a voyage you can imagine you find in this shop.