Finally at the rush hour we go on the road again in direction to Menton and Italy. Mimamai proudly announces: "Now, I'm ahead of a Ferrari! The driver must be really ashamed, to be left behind, hihhi." As matter of fact it's simply impossible to pass by Mima's car. We have fun.


View about Latte and sea from Hanbury Garden

View over Latte from Hanbury Garden

Getting tired we plan to take the next Camping Place we find. It is a few kilometres behind the border and 250 meters away from the shore: Latte di Ventimiglia is the name of the village. The highway with heavy trucks in the hills is not far away, maybe one kilometre. The engines of heavy trucks sound with a dark growl. Mimamai complains: "That's the way, I love it: highway direct in front of me! Next holiday I order a voyage from a travel agency without traffic noise!" "You have to go with Husky dogs before a sledge through the snow of Alaska," I try to console her. We go to the beach. The waves roll big stones on the land, roll them backwards again. Through the darkness already now at 8.00 p.m. the half full moon shines. Water and air provide warm pleasure to swim and to dry the body in the air without towel. A shower at the beach washes the salt away. The contrast with France luxury and now this little Italian village is total. The Camping place shows up with two stars, but all things are very simple, a bit rotten. Graffiti decorates many walls.

First Beach in Ital

Giardini Botanici Hanbury