<-Giardini Botanici Hanbury

Colorful fruits in Hanbury Garden

Next morning, one and a half kilometre above the place is a famous botanical garden. Sir Thomas, coming home from Far East with tremendous treasures has founded this place in 1853. At 1907 there have been a collection of 6000 different plants, in World War 1 and 2 a lot has been destroyed. Now since years scientist of the University Genoa care for the place. Mimami is a gardener. She has learned her job in the Tropical House of botanical garden in Heidelberg. So she shows me the plants, familiar to her. Strange to me.

My intelligence, the old red wine soaked bio computer is not capable to store all these informations: plants from all over the world, popes and politicians from all time and centuries, building up castles or destroying towns with hundred of thousands or millions of people. Even all the names of the towns, we pass by, my poor bio-computer can hardly store.

The Graveyard of Sir Thomas Hanbury

Rough road to San Remo