<-Freiburg to Avignon

France-Italy autumn 2003

My soul - or what part of mine ever - can't simply connect in cyberspace on a holiday voyage to the fantasy world of Ramarshi or other divine ambassadors of truth. 2000 Kilometres and more the immense beauty and little adventures pass by at daytime. How can my poor English, my little fingers on a tiny palmtop describe God's gigantic creation at night?

Some words start to flow in the middle of the night, memories from places and names soon fading away in the waste of forget ness.

Camping Holiday Hapiness after a shower

Our journey from Munich, two weeks ago started at the lake Constance, where we visited Ramarshi's guest friendly home. This region is one of the most beautiful parts of our German country. But wherever I have been, I started to love Germany and Germans and understood people and history deeper and better.

My 82 years old Mom, we have visited too.

Bike tour from Mainau, by ship to Mersburg

To share facts of my live: four women, my company longer than the last 20 years came from beautiful parts of Germany: - the fantastic town Aachen, - the little village at northern sea - Jever, one of the best beer brewery towns - Idar Oberstein, the jewel near river Rhine, and now - Mimamai from Bamberg, a world cultural heritage.

At Lake Constance somehow a birth of a modern European civilisation can be felt: Island of Mainau, trees full of apples and nuts, soft hills with wine fruits, vegetables, honey and fish in the lake. The Country around the Lake of Constance reminds on paradise. Paradise gives freedom to fantasize, like the words right now fantasize at the seaside, east from Marseille, near the beach on a camping place in a little tourist town ''Le Lavandou''.

Mimamai plays the duck on Mainau-Island

From Freiburg to Avignon

Towns and impressions flow by like precious sips of old red Wine: At the border to French the last German town Freiburg after the last summer bath in the Black Forest cold Lake ''Titisee''.

How humans can bow down to the grace of existence, the tremendous value of being alive in a sane body to use all this richness? The swim in the cold lake, the sweating walks in the heat of a town, where many bicycles move around, girls show their bodies in short summer dresses, old churches and castles impress with their hundreds, thousands years of politics to repress, what never can be repressed: love.

Mimamai's last German Summerbath in Lake Titisee

n0by listens to the news in Mima's VW

Mimamai prepares breakfast

Love is all. Love remembered me on my Grand Father and my Grand Mother, when we visited the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen. An impressive old technology to cross the Ocean in an air ship. My Grandfather has travelled from Friedrichshaven by Zeppelin to Rio de Janeiro. And these twenty days and nights my little woman Mimamai travels with me in her 10 years old VW-T4 Transporter, her candle Christmas market car, all the long, lovely way down to France, up to the South in the Sun.

From Freiburg it has been a hard travel through the heat of one of last summer days. Always the sun on her drivers side, the temperature in the old Diesel Car went over 36 Degrees Celsius. My woman looses her nerves and she complains, to stop us for a night: ''That are no working conditions at all here to drive! Even my work in Munich is not as hard as this!''

The first Camping Place, 100 Kilometres behind Lyon, near the big river Rhone, relaxes deeply. Next day the journey changes into more happiness for her. The sun on us, the distance to the next stop MontÚlimar not far. A parking spot beside the castle, a visit in the relaxed Sunday town with the little streets, all that gives more and more peace and calmness.

So we enjoy the next short step to Avignon, where we soon find a Camping place, just by the river Rhone with the view on the Pope Palace and the old bridge, from where the famous song is known:

Summer evening in Freiburg

Sur le Pont d'Avignon
 on y danse tout en rond.

Thunderstrom in Avignon