<-Denial, Destruction, Death 03/21/03

March 21, 2003: Gulf-War II. The first Leader of the free world orders, to liberate Iraqi people from evil tyrant Saddam. War brings democracy to poor prisoned people. Some sacrifice their lifes for the victory. Victory will be with us. No doubt about. Who denies death and destruction? For the sake of liberty peace pays the price! R.I.P. Three times last years I have been very closed with the dying ones. Everyone of them was deeply convinced to the very last breath of his concepts. This story reports, how two friends denied their facts, as far I felt them. My old father invited death as friend. 

Wolfhard was my colleague as editor in the Computer - Company since 1990. Before he came 1994 in my room, I helped him: So he got a withdrawal treatment to cure his alcohol abuse.

1997 he moved to another colleague in the room next to mine. A year later he died. 1998, Friday 14th. August. On Wednesday he partook in his last conference. Thursday he was sick. On Friday we found him dead in his bed at home. Hundreds of empty bottles around. He has pretended to work as usual up to his last minute, where I saw him alive. When Wolfhard died, he handed down worth 40 days of unused holidays .

Wolfhard  (Tod im Job)


My father was born 1906. He died on 12th December 1998. He never missed one step in his solid successfull career. Wing Commander in Paris, WWII, he retired as Chief Officer 1971 in the mail administration. For his life long disciplined work German Government rewarded him with the Federal Cross of Merit.

There was no way to argue about his concepts. His experiences have been his truth. He found no necessity to adjust truth to new experiences. After his third brain stroke he could not talk anymore. He refused to eat. So the Doctors kept him alive for several years in a nursing home. His heart was very strong to prolong his sufferings several years more.

We took him home to die. Without food for nearly six weeks nourished with fluids by gavage he finally was released from his pains. His eyes got everything till the end. But his mouth was sealed for the last years of his life. 

Father, last days at home
German book as download

Manfred was my friend from 1968. He died 13th March 2003 from Cancer-Tumors. He never thought of death. On my last visit 28th December 2002 he told: "I will be home in a few weeks." We celebrated last time one year ago. Drunk and angry I insulted him: "You molder alive!" He smiled like mostly about my foolish words. I vomited in disgust and went to sleep. Half year later my friend  Harald  asked: "Do you remember, what you have said in spring? Mani lies in Hospital with  tumors tangerine size in his lungs and backbone."  On my last phone call one day before his death, he still doubted to die.

Manfred 28th.Dec.2002: generous greetings, watching TV

21. March 1953: Bhagwan advertised '''Enlightenment''' as tool to convert cult-customers.