<-Memoriam Mani M. 1948-2003

Mani was born on 7th February 1948. Mani M. was seven days older than me. Mani died on Tuesday, 13th of March.

Mani was my friend since 1968. We started to study together. We have been in the same political group, the leftist Socialists Democratic Studends (SDS). Mani did much practical work: printing flyers for demonstrations. He was never a man, who talked very much. He tried do have things done. Silently.

Regularly we met. Sometimes several times in a year, to drink, to talk, to celebrate.

Mani and n0by 1988

The picture painted and shows his father (1988)

Mani lived mostly on his own. In our wild student days he was together with his woman Dorothea. A beautiful student in the sidecar of his motor-bike. My first motorbike, an old Ilo build 1952, Mani bought 1968 for 50 Marks:

After I have finished my school 1966 I bought this bike for 250 Marks. I have travelled four weeks on this old Bike through France, Spain, Madrid. Mani was an artist to maintain old thinks. I gave him  many old PC-Parts, books and other old stuff..

Mani lived with to little money. Just enough for cigarettes and cheap food. As qualified astrologer he calculated the best day to stop smoking. He stopped smoking about 10 years ago.

Around 1978 he travelled overland to Afghanistan. He sold there a suitcase full of Japanese Calculators. He tried to bring Afghan Hashish to Australia. Sydney police found this stuff. After nine monthes in Sydney jail he was back in his Aachen Home: Lochnerstrasse 23. There he lived nearly for 20 years.

Mani studied around 50 semesters physic in the RWTH-Aachen.

Mani in his home 1988

Mani 1996. He lived from Astrology- and Guitar-lessons

At the minimum once a year Harald, Mani and me have been together.

Mani 1999 on the 50th Birthday-Party of our friend Harald.

My last visit to Manfred on 28th December 2003

Mani said: "Everything is o.k. In a few weeks I will be home again."

On Tuesday, 11th. March I phoned him up: "I can not eat. I can not drink. They  root out my voice here! Hey, take care of my glasses!" In the background I heard the voices of a nurse: "But, Mr. Mani we need to wash your face." I asked: "Shall, I ring you up later?" "Do this," he answered. When I phoned him up on Wednesday, he told: "Everything is o.k. Yes, I have my glasses back. I had good luck." On Thursday, when I created my last page for my sisters- and brothers in Bhagwan's-Beliefs, my friend Harald phoned me up: "Mani died today." Farewell, my friend Mani! You have been always my  teacher for peace!

gone home 03/14/03 (click picture)