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From: kabir_75901
Date: Wed Oct 22, 2003 1:05 am

Subject: Re: Michael Martin, the Western Sat Guru


Okay, now the readers can decide whether they want to follow the Supreme Father Figure, the Param Sant Sat Guru, or they can join your Group and just make fun of the idea. This is nothing new, Noby. St. Paul said nearly 2000 years ago, "Some will take the teachings to be foolishness."

If people want to waste their lives in parody religions, that's their prerogative. I'm simply here for the sincere seekers. I've been doing the Shabd Meditation for 39 years.

This Group is for sincere seekers. I'm willing to discuss things, and take some criticisms, but it's not for people who think all Gurus are a joke, or that meditation is a joke. Do you understand?



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