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by Ma Anand Anupamo

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The Texan-born James Rudolph Murley became Sw. Shantam Dheeraj in Rajneeshpuram. In his own words taking sannyas sounds like this: "He accepted Osho as his guide and was given yet another new name." In 1988 he came to Pune and started a cult called Osho Tibetan Pulsing Healing. In summer 1997 he left Pune. In September 1998 he died, after he fell into a coma two weeks before his body stopped functioning while he was taken care of in a Vatican hospital in Rome.

Dheeraj lifestyle before he came to Osho was the lifestyle of a drug-addict. In short, he was living a very American way of life: Sex, Drugs and Rock`n Roll. His energy was very unpolished criminal (he was  a fugitive for murder) and at the end he became more refined, almost a pure politician. This way, he tried to turn his life into something spiritual, but never got beyond the state of lust, delirium and musical turn on. His understanding of the spiritual world of the mystics was to figure out how to consume spiritually. This was in short his understanding of transforming oneself. He often was bragging about his change for good, about his consuming improvements, like from alcohol  and drug abuse to doing 10 hours a day healing sessions. His criminal  energy finally got him on the run: as a fugitive in the US and later, when he was asked to leave the ranch a few times because of violent behavior.  In Pune 2 he somehow made everybody believe, that he was converted into a good guy, that now he loved the simplicity of spirituality.

Shantam Dheeraj

But the truth is, that he just found a better drug, an easier way of getting sex and entertainment. Cashing in for himself and for the mutating commune after Osho left his body was finally something legal  in his life. Many people around Osho had similar life problems and so he soon had lots of followers to be trained as spiritual consumers. There was no meditation in him or his people in doing his work. His personal behavior in the work was that of a drug-addict. He needed more and more sessions and they had to be more and more intense. In the last years in Pune he would hardly show up in the groups. From early morning to late night, there was a line of people from the staff coming in and giving him sessions. The same was the lifestyle of the staff, everybody was "working" harder and harder. 

The main attractiveness of his groups was the feeling of a big high and a big orgy. During his big times, half of Goa's drugged out freaks  would come to Pune and sign up for the tibetan groups, it was big cashday  time for the commune and therefore everything was simply fine. Dheeraj describes his new drug like this: "The release of static tensions in  the nerves produces a deep, euphoric relaxation which allows the continuing pulses of positive bio-electrical current flow to penetrate deeper into the static layers of pain. In the mind the pictures of past experiences pass like an old movie, but this time without the charge of hatred, of sadness, of fear . After the discharge of these tensions we find a  new understanding, a new detachment, a New Mind." Like an addict uses the poison of his drugs to get high, Dheeraj uses the poison of people's negativity to make them high.

Avistha Barkati (Germany)

His cult, "the house" as it was called, was a pyramid-shaped hierarchy. At one point Dheeraj told Jayesh proudly, that "we are the army". You had to start as a common soldier, work yourself up the hierarchy until you reached a position as a "black robe" where you could hope to grab a small piece of the cake. The headquarters of the house were in Pune, but they had the whole world divided up among themselves. A certain city would belong to so-and-so and nobody else was allowed to "work" there. As I knew I would not have enough criminal energy to stand a chance in this fierce competition, I took on the role of a loyal office clerk.
Dheeraj demanded total loyalty, and deviationists were severely harassed. He turned into a politician, dominated his tibetan house and he mutated the whole lifestyle of the commune from love to lust. To play this role to lead others into consuming was consuming his energy. He was at his home ranch. And of course, sex, money and power were the driving spirit of his hierarchy, just like in any other. You simply have to observe a monkey tribe and you will find out all about animal consciousness, similar this was the game in the name of disciplehood in the tibetan house and many paid for the tickets. He managed to create an atmosphere similar to what Sheela created with her hostility against  the outside world, even against other departments of the commune. And  inside the tibetan house it was clear, that as a staff-member you were part of a secretive sect and had to work underground in the commune. This was his lifestyle and so he went into his death. About two months before  his death I watched him being driven to Switzerland to deposit the cash  from is last group into his Swiss bank account, just like after any of his larger groups in the west. It was clear that he would not come back to get the money again, but his was his and first things first.

Sushma (Munich)

Dheeaj was basically against all of Osho's meditations, especially the cathartic ones. He would freak out about Gibberish in Buddha Hall and Mystic Rose and Dynamic were something for spiritual babies. Once I was present when he showed a video of Osho and the Gibberish was cut out.  In the groups and in the sessions any emotional release would be brutally stopped by the staff. That was one of the first things you had to learn as a staff-member. He was violently against methods like Hypnosis or Breath Work and he would freak out, if there was a Death Celebration in the ashram and would try all kind of tricks to prevent his group participants from participating in these celebrations. He was encouraging his staff to be continually engaged in exchanging Tibetan sessions. At the end you had to do around three exchanges a day (and this "on a worker's pass).

Kalpa Aloka (Italy)

The bodywork that he was practicing and teaching was pure torture. It was physically painful and a torture to the soul. Dheeraj had actually built something like a concentration camp to enlighten others in Naropa pyramid and he was the master with a gang of whipping ladies around  him.

He would publicly humiliate people and make them look like fools and when you did good he gave you a session or a fuck. He would switch between the role of the brutal master and the role of the knowing guru. He got all kind of violent people attracted to his work. The Germans built up the organization and the groups were filled up with Israelis from Goa. The picture I get about the energy in the groups is that of the Jews in Israel taking the role of the Nazis and their victims turning into suicide bombers. I basically got attracted to Dheeraj through my own pain of unresolved violence, just like any other.

Mirdad Pyramid (black marble complex)

Each session of a New Mind group would start with a heavily edited "quote" of Osho (audio quotes with sentences or paragraphs cut out). This was followed by a lengthy discourse by Dheeraj. Group participants had to listen to these discourses while they were already in a  torturous body position. These discourses were taped inside the group room in  Pune and just before his death Dheeraj initiated their publication. I got hold of a copy of "the book" ("Where Does the World Come From") and looked through it. It is just absolute nonsense, the gibberish of a junkie. During my time with Dheeraj I swallowed this stuff because he was promising esoteric secrets and enlightenment or at least transformation. So I was listening and waiting for these secrets to be revealed. "The Book" was posthumously published with some real and a  few fake Osho quote ("Your whole life you have learned how to deal with adversity. Now I want to see how you are going to deal with  popularity." "This pyramid is for Tibetan Pulsing, Dheeraj's work, and it will be called Naropa.") and without mentioning, where and when the texts had been recorded and transcribed by Dheeraj's girlfriend Kalpa and tolerated by Yogendra, the Lord keeper of the Osho copyright. (Whenever Dheeraj is quoted in this text, it is from this book).

Club Meditation Poona

Dheeraj called his basic training "The Intensive". He soon started to energetically dominate the ashram, so hundreds of people have gone through the intensive over the years in Pune 2. Each day would start with "The Tuning". The whole group would watch certain symbols called digits and intonate certain sounds, also stroboscopic light was used  and texts of Dheeraj were read to the group. These texts, channeled by Dheeraj under drugs, are also available in printed form called "Tonal One" with a copyright of Osho International Foundation. In this tuning "the points" were introduced. In actuality, the body and mind of the participants got anchored with "the points" through sound and colors, throughout the tuning time. They are artificial and have no healing quality (I don't know anybody who has been healed through Dheeraj and his work). That means the intensive was actually an intense programming process. And this programming was hard work and any minute detail in  the set-up going wrong could jeopardize the process. Everything had to be set up with immense effort and Dheeraj was always furious if anything was not according to this set-up. Already this should have made everybody aware, that Dheeraj's work had nothing to do with Osho, but the Ego in its greed and lust for sex, money and power made all  overlook such minor details.
Dheeraj had a basic system and enhanced it with new forms in Pune. Over the years Osho had brought us from the head to the heart and would  guide us from there into the experience of the center. Exactly when Osho had created this space, Dheeraj invented a bodywork that was focused on the hara. This was called "Pumping" and consisted of putting strong and painful pressure directly into the hara. He called this "opening up the hara". Then a few years later he invented "Fresh Air". This was putting painful pressure on the rib-cage and the heart. Then he started the  "New Mind". This was pulsing with bare fingers or with metal devices inside the mouth (towards the opening to the nose and towards the throat meaning touching the spine from inside the throat). Thus he managed to use hundreds of people to pull everybody's energy up into the head.

but the Ego in  its greed and lust for sex, 
money and power made all overlook ...

Osho said in his answer to Dheeraj's question in his last discourse in the Zen Manifesto: "The whole society forces your energy to move in the head. All education consists of the basic technique of how to pulsate the energy only in the head -- how to make you a great mathematician, how to make you a great physician. All the education in the world consists of taking the energy into the head. Zen asks you to come out  of  the head and go to the basic source -- from where the educational  system around the world has been taking the energy, putting it into the head, and turning it into thoughts, images, and creating thinking. It has its uses. It is not that Zen is not aware of the uses of energy in the  head, but if all the energy is used in the head, you will never become aware of your eternity. You may become a very great thinker and philosopher, but you will never know, as an experience, what life is. You will never know as an experience, what it is to be one with the whole." Dheeraj obviously never listened to this compassionate answer, not to mention understood himself and his doings, but used it for his claim to be Osho's spiritual successor.

After the first pyramids were finished, all of Dheeraj's "work"  happened in these pyramids. Naropa was his holy temple and he would get furious if any other therapist would try to use his private property. I  remember such a scene between him and Wadud. Just before Osho left his body Dheeraj and Kaveesha created the "Pyramid Protection Ritual". It was a ritual of vibrating the four centers hara, heart, head and unison with the sound "Osho". What he called "unison" was actually the solar  plexus, but he used a manipulated sequence of centers and placed it on top of the head-center. Later sometimes only a tuning with the sound "O" was done as a short form of the whole ritual. Dheeraj justified the ritual with the notion, that the world around (i.e. Osho's commune) is so bad, so you need the ritual to protect yourself. So already the announcement of the ritual created hostility and charge. And you have heard what  kind of situation Dheeraj had created in his groups with what kind of  people.

The ritual was performed in every tibetan group.

The purpose of the ritual was to create a shooter consisting of a double pyramid. The top pyramid was male (aggressor) and the matter anchor for the bottom pyramid (female) of the bardo state. It was a device to bridge time and space. The time of atlantis (bottom part) and the time of the new man and Osho (upper part). This was confirmed by Dheeraj to Ma Pragita. The mechanism of the shooter was to project all the energy stored up in the hara to the outside. I can clearly see myself being subjected to all this torture, having all this rage stored inside the hara and projecting it towards the outside to make it into the acting power of Kaveesha's altantian cult. The ritual was performed in every tibetan group. In the tibetan intensive it was done after lunch break around 2 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. every day. It was performed in the afternoon -- to collect as much energy from the hara and the emotional body as thought energy, while everybody is deeply anchored into the personal negativity during the tuning and emotionally steered up through the bodywork in the morning. The first intensive was during the time Osho left his body from December 1989 to January 1990. The pyramid  protection ritual started in this intensive and was the mechanism of the black magic in Buddha Hall. This worked by telling the group participants  that the ritual would get activated whenever they would feel the ground. This means it would get activated while sitting down in Buddha Hall and  being in your ego (gravity), rather in your consciousness (levitation). 

In "The Golden Future", chapter 3, Osho answers Radhika's question  about the hara and gives her detailed guidance about how to work with the  hara center. He says in this guidance: "But hara is a death center. Energy should not be allowed through the hara. A person whose energy starts through hara you can very easily detect. For example, there are people with whom you will feel suffocated, with whom you will feel as if they are sucking your energy. You will find that, after they are gone, you feel at ease and relaxed, although they were not doing anything wrong  to you." And in "Tantra: The Supreme Understanding", chapter 2, he says about black magic: "In all the Eastern traditions, before a person starts learning no-mind, there are techniques and much emphasis that he should stop being negative, because if you once attain to no-mind and your trend remains negative, you can become a dangerous force. Before the no-mind is attained, one should become absolutely positive. That is the whole difference between white and black magic. Black magic is nothing but when a man has accumulated thought energy without throwing out his negativity beforehand. And white magic is nothing but when a  man has attained too much thought energy, and has based his total being on  a positive attitude. The same energy with negativity becomes black; the same energy with positivity becomes white. A thought is a great force, it is a thing."

But Hara is a death center.

Due to the treatment he had undergone in Oklahoma jail Osho had come back to Pune with a heavily damaged body. Max Brecher quotes Dr. Amrito in his book "A Passage to America": "Before going into jail, Osho was  in pretty good health. One of his spinal discs was out and he had to be careful when he walked. He had diabetes and occasional asthmatic attacks, but he was still healthy. He swam twice daily. And when you looked at him sitting bare-chested and cross-legged on the bed, he looked wide-eyed, incredibly alert and youthful. But from that time to now his body has practically fallen off him."

In this situation Osho worked on us through giving us the experience of the Buddha seed in us, through strengthening and nourishing this experience. And Dheeraj, who was basically representing, how the 
western ego deals with the path to enlightenment, came directly in to destroy this. He was able to harm Osho for the first time during Osho's last discourse on April 10, 1989. In this discourse Osho answers Dheeraj's question and after the discourse he tells his caretaker, that something has happened to him. He never comes back to speak to his sannyasins and leaves his body nine months later. The pyramid protection ritual  started to go into operation in the time just before Osho left his body. Osho, who at that time would come into Buddha Hall in silence, sent messages to the assembly informing them of the black magic being done against  him and asking them to find it's cause. But the assembly did not have the awareness to find the source of the black magic. Dheeraj later many times let us know, that he was doing Osho's work much better than Osho himself. Dheeraj and Kaveesha did not stop the shooter after Osho had left the body, because it was essentially directed against our transformation, against the Buddha seed in all of us. The "New Mind", a much more aggressive type of bodywork than the normal Pulsing, that Dheeraj developed "in the seven years period directly after Osho, Dheeraj's Master and guide, left his body", served to fuel the shooter.
It also did not stop when Kaveesha and Dheeraj left Pune. Those who practiced the New Mind served as an anchor for the shooter to function in Buddha Hall. Through stopping the transformation of the sangham of Osho's sannyasins the consciousness on the whole planet was affected. The nineties were globally a period of stagnation in the fields of science and arts. Where in the eighties there was a psychotherapy that
came very close to meditation and spirituality, now the field is dominated by psychopharmaca. Sciences like physics and biology are dominated by outdated paradigms and are fully in the hands of the big global companies and the military. The world is dominated by one aggressive superpower of Sex, Drugs and Rock`n Roll, a superpower of consumers.

Treatment Oklahoma Jail

Dheeraj and Kaveesha did not stop  
the Shooter after Osho had left the body

Ramarshi informed the Inner Circle at the beginning of the nineties about the results of his investigation into Dheeraj's black magic. They did not answer the letter, but Jayesh phoned Dheeraj in Zurich and invited him to be a member of the Inner Circle. This was made public by Dheeraj himself and the whole sequence of events was recorded by Bahulya, Amrito's secretary, to Ramarshi. Bahulya was one of the few people in Pune who could see through what Dheeraj was up to and his energetic impact on the Meeting of the Osho White Robe Brotherhood.

Because he resorted to more and more aggressive methods, the Inner Circle finally asked Dheeraj to leave Pune in 1997. But they never  cared to investigate into Dheeraj. Just before I left Pune, Yogendra told me about Dheeraj: "Oh, he was such a great businessman." Dheeraj went to Germany and suffered a stroke. He then went to Italy and set up business in Bagni di Lucca. There he practiced a more violent form of the shooter, called "The Temple". The technique of the temple was to pulse the throat from the inside all the way down to its bottom with a long metal device. Nirvata, one of Dheeraj's equally violent associates, links the temple work to a Yogic technique of tickling the throat  center from the inside of which Osho warns in "The Tantric Transformation", chapter 1. Bagni die Lucca, where this happened, belonged to a Tibetan Lama, the Ganchen Lama, whom even the Dalai Lama accused of black  magic.
Dheeraj was a dying and mentally disturbed man, when I saw him last in Bagni di Lucca in summer 1998 and died in September 1998 in Rome in a Vatican hospital. Nirvata thinks that the Ganchen Lama caused Dheeraj's death through black magic. One month later Kaveesha died. And for the very comatic ones: neither Dheeraj nor Kaveesha died enlightened.

Father Ignacio Harding  and Ganchen Lama 
ringing a Peace Bell

As I felt Dheeraj's power declining I jumped off his ship and became a loyal clerk to the commune management. I felt relieved of not having to work underground any more, but I did not realize that also the new ship was shaped by Dheeraj's destructive energy-work. I had no awareness of what was going on, but I can say for sure, that during all these years  I did go to White Robe every night, but I was never silent inside. I had lost everything what matters, as far as transformation is concerned. In this situation I had a session with Ramarshi in the commune in Pune in October 2000. From there my heart was being able to come to life again and to re-connect from heart to heart with Osho. And only during the last two years in Pune meditation started to happen again.

from heart to heart with Osho

Love Ma Anand Anupamo